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Dance again music video

14.12.2010 5 By Nigami

The music video for J.Lo's new song "Dance Again," which debuted on "American Idol" Thursday night, features Lopez finding herself engulfed.

dance again music video

While the live music industry awaits the return to normal, artists take to and music video streaming is at an all-time high – up by 13 percent. Lopez's dance partner in the “Dance Again” video is her real-life Kamali in part of the video, said the song has special meaning for her.

dance again music video

The official teaser for Jennifer Lopez's "Dance Again" (feat. Pitbull) music video.​Watch the official video for "Dance Again". Duration: 3:12.

Selena Gomez Shares ‘Dance Again’ Clip, Announces New Merch Supporting MusiCares

Dance Again: songs about grief and healing by Nathan Peterson

Nathan Peterson

I wrote and recorded this album at a time in my life when I was experiencing what many of us are experiencing today: uncertainty, fear, and grief. I hope these songs will support dane in discovering how grief can be healing.

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Vinyl is a beautiful limited edition 12" qgain vinyl, hand-signed.
"I love this song and its story. Will just wreck your heart."" —Ear To The Ground

Dance Again is a collection of songs from the year after our 1-year-old daughter passed away.

I also wrote a book during this time, also called
Dance Again.