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Counter strike zombie mod in condition zero

09.11.2010 2 By Jurn

counter strike zombie mod in condition zero

A botija.

Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Zombie Scenario Addon Readme. 1.CREDIT: All content in this pack was not made by me. Deleted Scenes is the second single-player mode but its game mechanics have been changed to linear shooter. Using artificial intelligence. CS.

A Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS:CZ) Map in the Zombie Maps category, submitted by OsirisGodoftheDead. Help, I think? A Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS:CZ) Forum Thread in the Help category, submitted by josemlopes.

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autobuyAutomatically buys the best gun for your team. AK-47 for T and M4A1 for CT.quitAutomatically ends the game and quits Condition ZerodisconnectAutomatically ends the game but doesn't quit Condition Zeromp_hostagepenalty <value>Automatically kicks the bot/player if he kills so many hostages according to the value. Put 0 to disable.bot_sniper_onlybots only buy snipersbot_knives_only 1Bots only use knivescl_levellocks 16382Bring down the All Deleted Scenessv_clienttrace #Bullets fired on walls will get dexter walls. Effective if the player is hiding.-graphDisables the litte information on the bottom right corner when you have +graph on+commandmenuDisplays commands for faster use on the left stdike of your screen.bot_allow_rogues 0Dissables rogue bots, they will all follow your commands.impulse 101Doesn't give you more weapons. Instead gives you full money.mp_autoteambalance <0-1>Enables auto-team balance. 0 = Off. 1 = On.gl_spriteblend <0-1>Enables blood strime on or off. 0 = Off. 1 = Onsv_cheats 1Enables cheatscl_righthand <0-1>Enables player zombiee be Right-Handed. 0 = Left-Handed. 1 = Right-Handed.mp_autokick <0-1>Enables the local player to automatically kick other players. 0 = Off. 1 = On.decalfrequency 0Enables unlimited sprayingFlyenables you to flycareer_end_roundEnds the round, and cpunter lose.notargetenemies do not see you-commandmenuEnter this code if you have "+commandmenu" activated only.clearErases all the whole messages in the console.alias "<letter>" "<command>"Executes the command strlke just entering the zerro in the console.mp_freeztime <value>Freezes time for the set ammount, the player can still walk around.mp_startmoney 16000Gives you the highest ammount of money you can have.noclipgo through wallsvInstant Max MoneygodInvincibilitykick <bot´s click the botsbot_killKills all bots allowing you to win if the bomb is not plantedlistLists available servers to participate in.bot_goto_mark #numbermake the bot go to specific placesbot_zombie 1make them just stand therebot_stop 1Makes the bot's stand still.timerefreshRefreshes time on the console.mp_friendlyfire #Replace "#" with 1 or 0 to change Friendly Fire. 1=On 0=Off.bot_knives_only 1#Replace "#" with 1 or 0 to make the bots only use knvies. 1=Only Knives 0=Not just knives. Deaf is 0.bot_zombie #Replace "#" with 1 or 0 to make the bots stay syrike or move. 1=Moving 0=Non-Moving.sv_gravity #Replace "#" with a number and change the gravity. Deaf. is 800.mp_startmoney #Replace "#" with a number to change the starting money. Deaf is 800.mp_c4timer #Replace "3" with a number saison change the C4 timer. Deaf. is 45.career_restartRestarts your the round.jointeam 6 ; jointeam 2Revive as conition Counter-Terroristjointeam 6 ; jointeam 1Revive as a Terroristbot_difficultyset the bot´s difficulty levelbot_difficultySet the BOTS difficulties.sv_gravity <value>sets the gravity, lower francais mean you can float alont, high numbers mean you take more damage countr falling.maxplayers <value>Sets the maximum click here when creating a new multiplayer game. Only works before you start a match.+graphShows a little information on the very bottom condittion of your kn 0The bots will not wait for you to rescue hostages, plant or defuse the bomb.bot_pistols_onlythe bots will only buy pistolssv_restartround 1The game restarts after 1 secondsv_restart 1The game restarts after 1 second similar to sv_restartround 1.restartto restart the map without losing any goalsmp_tkpunish <0-1>When enabled, bots/players who kills their teammate(s) will die on the next round. 0 = Off. 1 = On.mp_fadetoblack <0-1>When set to 0, the screen will be black when any player from the server is dead. Switch to 1 to disable.hud_deathnoticetime #You can see the last deaths of players on the specified seconds.