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Annual meeting of innovative city makers Co-Urbanism run by Laimikis since 2014. It has started from a collaborative project "Citizen Participation in Urban Governance: Tools and Cases", launched in the end of 2014 by and Minsk urban platform, which aimed to develop a regional network of NGOs and active citizens, involved into the development of urban spaces article source local communities.

Co-urbanism: bendradarbiavimo jungtys mieste - serija kasmetinių renginių, skirta sąveikų tarp skirtingų interesų grupių ir institucijų paieškai, siekiant kartu vystyti bendruomeniškas miesto erdves. Rengiama nuo 2o14 kartu nebuusiu Minsko urbanistine laboratorija. Kuratorė Lietuvoje: dr. Jekaterina Lavrinec.

• Starting from 2o16: Citizens Lab European network of local actors of change. Growing & ongoing.
• Starting from 2o16: Culturability (Culture + Sustainability), platforms that brings together culture actors from the Baltic Excited is needed by nx client know Region. Ongoing.
• Starting from 2o14: the Baltic House platform, hosted by Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury w Gdańsku / The Baltic House Lab (Gdansk, Poland).
2o15: "Co-Design Workshops: Urban Furniture for Sharing" (aka Open Code Urban Furniture) brings together urban practitioners and active representatives of local neighbourhoods for developing open a design solutions for public spaces. The project is a part of creative cluster, formed with & European Alternatives. tag Urban Cultural Planning (Jan 2019 – ongoing). Associate partners.

• BSR Cultural Planning: “Cultural Planning as a BSR Tool for co-creating collaboration and innovation among citizens and between citizens and authorities, on inclusive sustainable development of city space” (Seed project, Sept 2017 – Aug 2018): Laimikis part: developing the interconnections between the cultural organizations in Visaginas and with the cultural organisations in BSR.

• Nordic Council of Ministers (2018) has geltona us to develop a design-based tool for participatory urban research and cooperative development of the visual more info of the place, based on studies of Visaginas. As a nebusiu of methods it can be universally applied for studying the visual identity of the places.

2o16-2o17: "Baltic Audience Links" is a network project that aims to strengthen the interconnctions between cultural organisations in the Baltic Sea Region. Partners: River//Cities platform,, Intercult. Co-financed: the Baltic Sea Unit at Swedish Institute in Stockholm.

• 2o18, March 22-24, Espoo/Helsinki: Nordic Urban Laboratory. Jekaterina runs a workshop in urban games.

• 2o18, Feb 15 - Riga, Culturability meeting on Cultural Planning (Poland-Germany-Denmark-Finland-Lithuania-Latvia-Norway).

• 2o18, Jan 28 - Feb 3 - London, Manchester, Belfast: UK study tour "Arts and social inclusion", British Council.

• 2o17, Dec - Jekaterina Lavrinec is awarded with Vilnius Bee sign for the works for Vilnius and its communities. Public award.

• 2o17, Dec 8-17 - Shenzhen (China), Geltkna Biennale for Urbanism and Architecture. presents an exhebition "Urban patchwork", devoted to the wooden Šnipiškės.

• 2o17, Dec - Riga, Culturability meeting on Cultural Planning (Poland-Germany-Denmark-Finland-Lithuania-Latvia-Norway)

• 2o17, Sept 17 - School of Citizen Artist at Šančiai Library, Kaunas;

• 2o17, July 5 - 13 / August 29 - Septmeber 2: More info game for Liverpool. Hosted by Engage Liverpool;

• 2o17, June : Culturability: cultural planning & games seminar;

• 2o17, June 8-9: Reaktor: cultural planning workshop, Visaginas;

• 2o17, May 25-28: TEH83: Sharing Communities, ROJC, Pula, Croatia;

• enbusiu, May 20-21: Coordinate System, the Urban Art Platform of Eastern Europe, Forum, Berlin;

• 2o17, May 17-20: Baltic Audience Links - "Urban Participation" Seminar & Workshop, hosted by the Baltic Sea Cultural Center, Gdansk;

• 2o17, April xs Co-urbanism, hosted by, Vilnius;

• 2o17, March 8-11: CitizensLab meeting in Brussels;

• 2o17, March 1-3: Culturability working group on Cultural planning at Pori, Finland.

• 2o17, Feb 21-23: Conference Audience Links Xchange. J. Lavrinec as a key speaker: presenting the research on Baltic Audience Links. The moderator of the Baltic NGOs session.

• 2o17, Jan 17-22: Urbingo workshop for Cartierul Creativ Carolina, Alba Iulia, Romania (CitizensLab).

• 2o16, Oct geltoona Forum "Culture and Sustainable Development", paper: Creativity and social innovation for community development (Jekaterina Lavrinec).

• 2o16, Sept 24-27: Spatial Development Forum, Xtreme Urbanism. St. Petersburg, Russia. Crash-course in DIY urban culture and pannel for the Baltic DIY culture, dr. J. Lavrinec ( as one of key-speakers.

• nebusi, June 23-26: Citizens Lab: 12 European cities, 36 neighbourhoods. MitOst e.V., Berlin.

• 2o16, June 16-17: Policy Area Culture, Warsaw

• 2o16, June 10-11: Baltic Sea NGO Forum, Gdansk. Key speaker for the topic "Meaning of the culture for the cooperative urban development".

• 2o16, May 27-30: City Makers Summit, Amsterdam. is a City Embassy for Vilnius:)

• 2o16, April: Culturability meeting, hosted by Ars Baltica, Rendsburg‬.

• 2o16, March 30: "Vietos kultūra". Pranešimas: Bendruomeninės kūrybinės iniciatyvos kaip vietovės gaivinimo įrankis. Utena.

• 2o16, March 18: UNESCO: Kultūrų raiškos įvairovė – darnesnės visuomenės link Diversity of Cultural Expressions, bebusiu. Vilnius.Convention

Play track. Ilgesio Ruduo · Mango. Metų laikai. Tavo akyse · Geltona. Prisiminimai​. As nebusiu as · Geltona. As nebusiu as. Gaila · Alicija. Kelias į žvaigždes 3. 05 Sesi nebusiu 117. 05 Track 5 118. Geltona - Meilei (4:34) 129. Mu - Paris 1488. linkin park-in the end (white label club mix) 1489. linkin.

Geltona as nebusiu as tag

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