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Tips: Click Descargar MP3/MP4, Wait for Initialize, and then Click Download to Process the file. Choose one server that works. We hope if you download Trisha Illana Nayanthara - Bittu Padam Di Video | G.V. Prakash Kumar, Anandhi just for the review purpose only. and then if you like the song Trisha Illana Nayanthara - Bittu Padam Di Video | G.V. Prakash Kumar, Anandhi don't forget to buy the. Bittu Padam Di Song Lyrics. Dakalti Song Lyrics. Maranthuta Pirinjita Song Lyrics. Mutham Kodutha Maayakaari Song Lyrics. Yennachu Yedhachu Song Lyrics. Added by. Karthika. SHARE. ADVERTISEMENT. Trisha Illana Nayanthara Song Lyrics. Singers: Arunraja Kamaraj and Pushpavanam Kuppusamy. Jul 03, 2015 · Bittu Padam Di Audio Song Published by: saranya on July 3, 2015. Bittu Padam Di Song | Trisha illana Nayanthara Audio Songs. No Song Title Lyric Song Share; 1: Trisha Illana Nayanthara: See Lyrics: Play Song: 2: Mutham Kodutha Maayakari: See Lyrics: Play Song: 3: Dakalti: See Lyrics: Play Song: 4: Bittu Padam Di: See Lyrics: Play Song: 5.

Watch Bittu Padam Di from Trisha Illana Nayanthara in G.V. Prakash & Adhik Ravichandran's voices. Written by G. Rokesh, the song about the feeling of Virgin. May 19, 2016 - Explore NISHANTRAJ's board "TAMIL STAR;S" on Pinterest. See more ideas about songs, tamil video songs, movie songs.26 pins.

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Yaen Endral Video Song | Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara | Ashwin, Swathi Trisha Illana Nayanthara - Bittu Padam Di Video | G.V. Prakash Kumar,​.

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Bitu படம் வெளியான நடிகைகள் Tamil Cinema News

GV Prakash Kumar, after rendering 'Bittu Padam Di' last year, has yet Gaana Bala, with able support from Kovai Sarala's quips, add a lot to the The lyrics are completely madcap & adds to the fun element of the track. Bittu Padam Di by GV Prakash Kumar and Adhik Ravichandran is a combination of local beats and rock The lyrics could have been better and decent, though.

Bittu Padam Di Audio Song

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Sindhis in Film Industry

By Deepak Ramchandani

Deepak Ramchandani
[email protected] .com

This is the inventory of Sindhi People in Film industry which include Indian Cinema, television and in foreign films


A CD was presented to me by my Sister and Brother-in-Law which contained about 800 songs, I had copied in my mobile and from some months these songs had became part of my life, especially I here Lgrics Chandur daily. One of the song Wafaia Ja Putla Ljrics Sindhi, Hu Hara Fanna Me Ahin Hoshiyar Sindhi In this song Master Chander narrated the name of Gope Kamlani, comedian actor in Hindi Film industry for which I was not knowning. One one day I along with my wife Asha attended a program in Sindhology Adipur in which music on voilen was performed by Master Kanayalal Lalwani, he had worked along with many music director and it was also told that his children are also working for music in film industry. These facts were unknown to me and also to many Sindhis. Most often while watching television ,my wife Asha, son Yash and daughter Sonam discussed about who is sindhi artist in film and television industry. These event brought a thought in my mind to list the Sindhis who are pyrics in film industry, hence I started searching on web. I hoped that I could collect more than 100 names but this figure reached more than 350 numbers which are listed and detailed in this collection. Presumption of sindhi is du on their surname and information on the internetin click the following article cases if may be wrong for which I apologise. My father during his younger age was very fond of movies while after retirement he became strongly religious, I dedicate this collection to my late father Shri Gobindram Ramchandani. Deepak Ramchandani

Address S.D.B. 90Adipur, District-Kachchh, State-Gujarat, India E mail- [email protected] Visit me

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From Indus Valley to my home

Contribution of Sindh in Independence Movement


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Sr.No Name Role In Film Industry Category :Indian film/ Foreign films Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Abel Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian

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Master Chander Aazad Sufi Bhagwanti Navani Ram Panjwani Kamla Keswani Govardhan Bharti Chandru Atma Satram Rohera C.H.Atma Bulo C. Rani C Arjun Gope Bhudo Advani Sadhana Shivdasani Babita Shivdasani Hari Shivdasani Kareena Kapoor (H/S) Karishma Kapoor (H/S) Kitu Gidwani Hansika Motwani Kanayalal lalwani G.P.Sippy Ramesh Sippy Kiran Juneja Rohan Sippy Raj N Sippy Asrani Aarti Chabria Jayant Kriplani Hitesh Kriplani Ravi Baswani

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32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 ale 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68

Raj Kiran Dilip Tahil Mac Mohan Sangeeta Bijlani Vishal Dadlani Shekhar Ravjiyani Ranveer Singh Ghanshyam Vaswani Kumar Taurani Ramesh Taurani Ambika Hinduja Poonam Sinah Sonakshi Sinah (H/S) Rajkumar Hirani Shweta Keswani Girish Kumar Taurani Sindhu Tolani Bihari Kandhari Pratibha Advani Dabboo Ratnani Vashu Bhagnani Jackky Bhagnani Nandu Tolani Nikhil Advani Sapna Bhavnani Mohan Dayaram Bhavnani Ram Mirchandani Vijaykumar Mirchandani Devesh Mirchandani Deepak Advani Kartekey Talreja Basant Talreja Sunil Chainani Mukesh Talreja Akhil Talreja Pravin Talreja Kunal Babani

Actor Actor Actor Actor Singer/ Music composer Singer/ Music composer Actor Singer Producer Producer Producer Actor Actor Director Actor Producer Actor Producer TV Please click for source Producer Photographer Producer Actor Producer Director/ Screen writer Actor/ Hair Stylist Producer Producer Director Choreographer Actor Producer Producer Producer Producer DJ Producer Writer/Director/ Producer

Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian

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Usha Bachani Sweety Bachani Ramesh Bachwani Priya Badlani Akshay Badlani Joy Badlani Vijay Badlani Jay Badlani Anant Balani Anil Balani Bhavesh Balchandani Rajesh Balwani Manish Balwani Shibani Bathija Adrian Bellani Rimjhim Bhagchandani Yash Bhagchandani Sunny Bhambani Ravi L Bharwani Anasthasha Bharwani Chandru Bhojwani D.G.Bhojwani Monisha Advani Madhu Bhojwani Meenakshi Budhrani Karan Butani Kumar Butani Preeti Bhutani Chandni Buxani Sadhna Buxani Jane Chablani B.A.Chandiramani Nikhil Chandiramai Dev Chugani Jyotish Chugani Roma Chugani Nikhil Advani Pankaj Advani

Actor Costume Designer Actor Actor Actor Actor/Executive Producer Actor Actor Director Director Actor Actor Actor Script Writer Actor Producer Actor Director Actor Actor Model/ Actor/ Director Art Director Producer Producer Second Astt Director Director Acting School Actor Astt Producer Photographer Director Producer Actor Producer Executive Producer Actor Director Director, Screenwriter, Film

Indian Indian Indian Lyyrics Indian Bale Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Foreign Indian Indian Foreign Foreign Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Foreign Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Indian Indian

Editor, Theatre Director,Photographer, Painter 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 Neeta Agnani Rishi Agnani Vijay Aidasani Amit Aidasani Kshitiz Alamchandani Deepa Alamchandani Manish Lalwani Supriya Ambwani Ram Daryani K.S.

142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180

Lal Purswani Vijay Purswani Saileah Purswani Angelina Anle Rajiv Idnani Vicky Idnani Kamal Jadhwani Aarti Jadhwani Hitesh Jadhwani Manish Bittu Amish Jadhwani Hitesh Jadhani Lavina Jadhwani Hitesh Jadhwani Divya Jagasia Kavin Jagtiani Sharad Jagtiani Lata Jagtiani Punit Jasuja Pada Ravi Jasuja Sunil Jasuja Harish Jaswani Sharma Jaswani Nitin Jaswani Kamna Jethmalani Kubhaer T Jethwani Ajee Jethwani Sugnu Jethwani N Jethwani Sam Sugnu Jethwani Ramesh Gwalani Ushma Karnani Rajkumar Karnani Arnaan Karnani Brij Ratan Karnani Ramesh Karnani Sweta Keswani Pradeep Keswani

Producer Executive Producer Executive Producer Actor Production Assistant Film Promotion Actor Actor Astt Director/ Director Executive Producer Casting Director Writer/ Director/ Producer Director Astt Director Actor/ Producer Camera Department Actor Writer Film book Actor Accounting Presenter Actor Actor Actor Music Director Actor Actor/ Second Director Acknowledgement Producer Producer Producer Producer Actor Misc Crew Actor Acknowledgement Actor Actor Production Manager

Indian Indian Foreign Indian Foreign Indian Indian Indian Foreign India Foreign Indian Foreign Foreign Foreign Indian Foreign Indian Foreign Indian Indian Foreign Foreign Indian Indian Indian Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Indian Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian

181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195

Hiroo Keswani Khyati Keswani Malika Keswani Mohan Keswani Shyam Keswani Yashika Keswani Sheila Ramani Gopal Khemani Vinod Khemani Ramesh Khiani Rishi Khiani Hitesh Kriplani Yashish Kriplani Shahil Kriplani Reena Kukreja

196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216

Trilok Kukreja Raj Kukreja Amit Kukreja Pradeep Kukreja Mohamn Kukreja Vivek Vaswani Karishma Lgrics Rashi Lakhani Eka Lakhani Raj Lakhani Prashant Lakhani Yogesh Lakhani Ramesh U Lakhani Yogesh Lakhani Vijay Lalwani Varun Lalwani Vishal Lalwani Diksha Lalwani Parikshit Lalwani Honey Lalwani L.K.Lalwani

Add Cinematographer Actor Coordinator Cameraman Producer Actor Actor Actor Actor Producer Misc Crew Actor Actor Costumes Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor/ Writter Production Manager Producer Producer Actor Actor Actor Actor Astt Director Costume Designer Singer Astt Director/ Editor Actor Director/ Producer Lyricss Director/ Writer/ Producer Astt Director/ Production Manager Actor Astt Director Sound Actor Astt Director

Indian Indian Foreign Indian Indian Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign

Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Foreign Indian Indian Indian Foreign Foreign Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian

217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255

Prem Lalwani Ruchika Lalwani Diksha Lalwani Parikshit Lalwani Vijay Lalwani Pravin Mahtani Lili Mahtani Rajen Makhijani J Makhijani Rajendra Makhijani Mohan Makhijani Aarti Makhijani Arjun Makhijani Nishant Malkani Robert Malkani Babita Malkani Tarun Mansukhani Shar Mansukhani Ri Mansukhani Karishma Mansukhani Mehak Manwani Harish Manwani Ken Manwani Ruheena Masand Serena Masand Rajeev Masand Bihari Masand Beena Masand Ram Mirchandani Bhagwan Mirchandani Kumar Mirchandani Arjan Mirchandani Vijaykumar Mirchandani Kanchan Mirchandani Harkishen Mirchandani Anita Moorjani Rahul Mulani Hitesh Mulani Anish H Mulani

Director Script Supervisor Second Director Sound Dialogue Editor Visual Effects Producer Story Writer Actor Pictures & Trailers Astt Director Actor Sble Model/ Actor Producer Actor Director/ Astt Director Actor/ Producer Actor Actor Actor Sound Producer Visual Effects Actor Actor Producer Actor Producer Actor Actor Producer Director/ screenwriter Astt Director Producer Actor Actor Astt Director Producer/ visual effects/

Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Indian Indian Foreign Foreign Foreign Indian Foreign Indian Foreign Foreign Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Foreign Indian Foreign Foreign Indian Foreign Indian Indian Foreign

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Sanjay Mulani Vinod Mulani Neeral Mulchandani Rajeev Mulchandani Sanjeev Mulchandani Kishore Mulchandani Arjun Mulchandani Dharam Mulchandani Shonali Nagrani G.H.Navani Deepak Navani Neil Navani Anil Navani Roma Navani Manish Navani Govind Nihalani

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Dayal Nihalani Pahalaj Nihalani Vishal Nihalani Neeta Nihalani Mohnish Parwani Kabeer Parwani Deepak Perwani Sanchi Peswani Raja Peswani Nitin Raghani Gopal Raghani Sunil Raheja Nikita Raheja Mishal Raheja Suresh Raheja Mukesh Ramani G.S.Rijhwani Sunil Rijhwani Sunil Sadarangani Deepa Sadarangani

animation Casting director Actor Actor Actor/ camera Actor/ costume Visual effects Producer PRO Actor Producer Acknowledgement Director/ writer Production designer Actor/ Production designer Actor Director/ Producer/ screenwriter/ cinematographer Director Producer Producer/ Director Actor/ Producer Visual Effects Actor Actor/ Model/ Fashion Designer Actor Actor Actor Pictures & trailers Astt Director Costume Actor Music Director Producer Acknowledgement Actor/ Producer/ writer Actor/ Producer/ writer Acknowledgement

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Lal Sadarangani Sameer Sadhwani Gia Sadhwani Trilok Sadhwani Natalie Sadhwani Hiren Sadhwani Arjun Sajnani Ronica Sajnani Veena Sajnani Kumar Shahani Tarun Shahani Komal Shahani Piku Shahani Anjana Sukhani Meena Sukhani Tarun Tahiliani Belinda Tahiliani Ramesh Taurani Kumar Taurani Girish Taurani Renu K Taurani Sneha Taurani Renu Taurani Ramesh Tekwani Prachi Thadani Love Thadani Tina Thadani Prachi Thadani Kundan Thadani Ramesh Thadani Sunil Thadani Ajit Vachani Ravi Vachani Sachal Vasandani Piyush Vasandani Vivek Vaswani Manauv Vaswani

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Veena Vaswani Kiran Vaswani V.R.Vaswani Priyanka Wadhwani Yash Wadhwani Surendra Wadhwani Sunil Wadhwani Mohan Wadhwani Sanjeev Wadhwani Sunita Kapoor Sonam Kapoor (H/S) Karan Johar (H/S) Shobha Kapoor Sippy Tushar Kapoor (H/S) Ekta Kapoor (H/S) Suresh Lalwani Ravina Tandon(H/S) Veena Tandon Hitesh Kriplani Nisha Lalwani Nilesh Lalwani T.G.Lalwani Vijay Lalwani Prem Lalwani Mohit Ramchandani Rahul Ramchandani Reema Ramchandani Aaftab Shivdasani Rithvik Dhanjani Aarti Chabariya Anita Hananandani Karan Godwani Hiten Tejwani Anita Sukhani Anita Hasandani Manish Raisignani Sonali Bitt Shilpa Sakhani

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When we are collecting the details of Sindhis in are crack avast premier 2014 share industry, then we must not forget the legend singer Baghat KanwarramHence I am starting with same with blessings of Baghat Kanwarram.

He had very sweet voice with lot of love and care for all mankind.Son of Tarachand and Tirthabai, born on 13 April 1885 in Sakhar District of Sindh. Devotee of Sai Satramdas. Got Shaheedi on 1st November 1939 on Ruk Station

Master Chander
Singer/ Music director/ Poet

Master Chander

Master Chander is Legend of Sindhi Music. He was first to sing Kalams and songs related to love in Sindhi Language. Master Chander was born in Tharushah on 7-12-1907. His songs were recorded by HMV records. There must be thousands of songs sung by Master Chander, but hardly 400 songs information is available. He could very easily form the lyrics of the songs and perform a song on that in no time. That is one of the reason, they were not officially recorded and available dj. Master Chander had a passion for music from his childhood. Born in a Zamindar family, where lygics was considered a taboo. Master Chander faced great odds in acquiring rightful place in the field of music in Sind. He was not only the most popular singer of HMV, but also a legendary figure, who brought new singing lyricw in Sind. He could truly be called a melody that touched the very pulse of man who, was love lorn, distressed & disappointed. His renderings kept the audience spellbound for hours. One of his rendering Do Ee Rahan, Para Hujen Hayati (Let them live longeven when they are not on good terms)was most popular. He had the knack of keeping his audience, spell bound for hours. Life Editor Before Partition Sangeet Acharya Master Chander, also known as the Legend of Sind was born on December 7, 1907 see more the town of Tharushah, Sind. He hailed from a merchant and land owner family. Master Chander was indeed a only child born to his parents from ( Matai Khandan) Zamindar Mr Assandas & Mrs Bkttu Bai Bbittu. He changed his surname to Damwani pink in jazzgot his Great Grandfather was Zamindar Damo Mal Matai and Master Chander was the seventh Peedhi(Generation) of the family. As a child, Master Chander was very fond of music, however, since music was looked down upon in those days, he studied music secret. But, he was encouraged to study music by his uncle, who also bought him his first harmonium from Calcutta. One day, Bhagat Kanwar Ram, a great singer himself, saw Master Chander perform and predicted that he would become a great singer in the future. He said that Chander will shine like the moon. It's said when Master Chander

performed that people would throw money, gold and other valuables on stage while he performed. Master Chander, recorded his first song and hit "Sunhina Arza Ahe" in padak. This song became a phenomenon on the radio- the song was unlike any heard in the early days of radio. It was a mix of classical music and a style his own, of what now we can categorize as an early rendition of Rap and R&B. After his first hit, there was no looking back. His career spanned 50 years. Like many famous singers of today, who venture into movies, so did Master Chander in the late 1930s. He worked in films including "Dilaram" and "Maut Ka Toofan", in which he played the hero. He was also cast for "Achoot Kanya" with Devika Rani but was later replaced by Ashok Kumar. Sadly, prior to production of this movie, two of his five sons passed away within months of each other. He was needed at home and thus ended the movie career of Master Chander. But, Master Chander did record seven songs for "Achoot Kanya". Master Chander was not only a singer and actor but also a poet and music director, he provided music for his most popular songs. Among his contemporaries were many other singers such as Jeevni Bhai, Allah Rakhi, Bhagat Motan, Bhagat Kanwer Ram, Jaro Bhagat, and Sawami Kundan, however, Chander always had his own style and was ahead of the game. Master Chander was more so famous among the younger generations of that time- you can say his fan following and musical hits reached the heights of Elvis Presley and the Beatles. His songs "Rutha Ee Click the following article Perr Hujain Hayati", "Dil Ahey Hathan Mein", "Rana Vahju Na Ute" and "Kabootar Kabootar" as well as many other songs were very popular bitu only in Sindh, but all over the world.

During and Post Partition

Master Chander with Family during foreign trip in 1968 One of the most endearing songs of Master Chander was "Nandri Nandri Ahiyan"- a story of an eight (8) year old girl, her servant, Pirla and a thief. It was sung in a story telling style. The song was recognized by Xble Minister Jawaherlal Nehru in the early 1950s. Beside his own poetry, Chander sang songs written by the great poet Prasram Zia. Master Chander's music was copied by the music directors of Bollywood. Master Chander was the only singer in the entire history of HMV music who was paid 7% of royalties, others were paid 5%. In 1947, during the partition of India, Master Chander and the majority of Sindhis were forced to leave their homes and properties in Sind. He narrowly escaped his own death during those tumultuous days, having sent his family- his pregnant wife, Heti, mother, three sons and three daughters, as well as extended family members ahead in a ship to Bombay, India. Seeing the plight of his people and missing his homeland, he began to write and sing songs about giving confidence to the displaced Sindhis in India, some of the notable songs lhrics this period were "Mitha Abana" from the movie Abana with well known Sindhi actors and actress, "Kismat Kai Judai" and "Hoshiyar Sindhi". After the partition, living in Bombay with his growing family, he continued to record music and sing in films. He also vocally trained his sons Gope

and Mahesh Chander. Gope Chander, lives in New York and is a well known singer throughout the Buttu States. Mahesh Chander is also a famous singer, known as the "Man with the Velvet Voice", he is a music director, who has won many awards, including being recognized for composing the poetry of Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In 1955, Master Chander was given the rare opportunity to give a concert in Sind, and he did so along with his son Gope Chander. There they were warmly welcomed by the people of Sind and Pakistan. After his return to India, he never visited Sind again, but gave concerts all over the world during the 1960s and early 1970s. In 1984, the music stopped and Master Chander left behind a lifetime of music, songs and his family to become "The Legend of Sind". Sada hayat Master Chander In the mid-1990s, in honor of Master Chander, his family created the Master Chander Sangeet Academy abe New York, USA and Bombay, India. Every year padamm either December or January, a concert in the memory and birth of Master Chander is held in New York, Bombay, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Ulhasnagar. The music continues with Master Chander's sons- Gope Chander and Mahesh Chander, grandchildren- Arti Raj Chander, Harish Chander and Anil Chander. The music will forever continue with future generations from his family and beyond. As a Writer Apart from being great singer, musician & poet, Master Chander was also great Author who wrote these books during his lifetime. 1. Detailed Life story of his Guru Kaka Jeevatram Matai "Sacho Sufi Athav Sufi Darvesh" 2. "Ishwar Ain Jeev Jeev Jey Lagape taraf Rooh Rihan" 3. Chaar Changa, Chaar Mada bitt. Shah Sahib 5. "Sangeet ain Maan" where Master Chander has detailed his journey of Music.

6. "Hika Mulakat" where he has detailed his meeting 7. "Sindhi Lok Lgrics - He has touched upon various facets of Raga and Singing 8. Deepchand - Koel Jee Kahani (Screenplay) - Available in the form of Audio Cassette and CDs. 9. "Anja Ta Aita Maan Nandiri Ahiyan" - Story about small intelligent girl Family Master Chander married to Smt. Heti and succeeded by family like this.

Gope Chander (Elder son)

Aarti Raj (Meenu) Daughter) Nandini (Meera) Thawani Harish Chander (Grandson) Anil Chander (Grandson) Jaya (Grand Daughter) Gaurav (Grandson)

Mahesh Chander (Younger Son)

Late Kanaiyo Chander (Expired in 1945) Late Mansukh Chander (Expired in 1945) Suneeta (Koshi) Navani (Daughter) Married to Ram Navani

Poonam (Grand Lyrids Raju Nawani (Grandson)

Hardas (Hari) Chander (Son) Vimla Belani (Daughter) Padhu Hema (Living in Bangkok) Mona Kumar Keswani Madhu Tekchandani

Aazad Sufi

Shri Azad Sufi was born on 18th Feb 1930 on Shivratri in Khairpur district of Sindh.His Real name was Parsram Daryanani.He was well known singer of Hind & Sindh.Has sprituall feelings for Lord Shiva and Mata.His song Thar Mata Thar is very biytu known among all Sindhis worldwide.He got inspiration of Singing from Shah Abdul Latif & Sachal Sarmast.

Bhagwanti Navani

Bhagwanti Navani

Profile Bhagwanti Navaniborn 01, Febuary,1940, in Nasarpur Sindh, British India (now in Pakistan) was a Sindhi Folk Singer. Her voice was so melodious that till today she is refereed as "Sindhi Koel". She gained popularity and become singer of masses when she started singing Lada (traditional sindhi marriage songs) and become a well known name in the house hold of sindhi families. she was felicitated many times with many awards and trophies for the best singer. She died on 22nd October,1986 but still her lada are the integral part of marriage celebration of Sindhis. Songs of Bhagwanti Nawani Play back in Sindhi Films Jhulelal Ladli Sindhua Je Kinare Shal Dhiar Na Jaman Hojamalo Kanwar Ram Hal Ta Bhaji Haloon Pardesi Preetam Albums Muhinja More Laada Sukhmani Sahib (6 Volumes) Muhenjo Ladal Aayo Allah Sikk Main Bhagwanti Navani ( Vol.1-2-3-4) Appeared on silver screen as heroin Sindhua Je Kinare (On the Bank of Indus River). Awards

Number of Sindhi Panchayats/ Associations have honoured her with Gold Medals, Trophies and other gifts of enduring nature, Certificates of Merits etc. She received Best Actress Award for her performance in Sindhi One Act Plays & Sindhi film; Sindhu a Je Kinare, (On the Bank of Indus River).

During her singing career spread over 25 years, she gave around 3000 performances, not only in India but also in number of other countries of the world. She was sweet, gentle with beauteous smile and much sought after artiste. There is a Sindhi magazine, called Murk (Smile), published to perpetuate her memory. The prolific writer, late Gobind Malhi was her guiding spirit and she was inseparable part of Kalakar Mandal, established by Gobind Malhi. She died at young age, in oct 1986 and it is difficult to fill the void created by her sudden & sad demise.

Ram Panjwani

The day of 20th November 1911 is written with the golden pasam in the history of Sindh and Sindhis as on this day the great poet, singer, Bhagat and educationist Prof. Ram Panjwaniwas born at Larkana Sindh, in the family of Diwan Prataprai Panjwani, the famous zamidar family of the area. Prof. Ram Panjwani also acted in few Sindhi films like Jhulelal, Ladlee, Hojmalo and Shall Dhiaru Na Jaman based on his own novel with same title. His countless services toSindhi community and ultimately to abke of India were recognized by Government of India and in the year 1981 hewas honored with Padam Shree a national civilian award of India. He left this

physical world in the year 1987 on the last day of economic year [ 31-031987]. Biography : Prof. Ram Panjwani- Famous Sindhi Writer-Poet-Folk Singer- Educationist Sindh have the fame of being the land of Lyrjcs, Darveshs, fakirs, poets and personalities larger than life. The day of 20th November 1911 is written with the golden ink in the history of Sindh and Sindhis as on this day the great poet, singer, Bhagat and educationist Prof. Ram Panjwani was born at Larkana Sindh, in the family of Diwan Prataprai Panjwani, the famous zamidar family of the area. As the family was closely related with culture of the Sindh so this family atmosphere helped the kid to develop an attitude for the specific vision towards literature and culture of Sindh. Being part of zamidar family soon he learned the importance of heritage so become more conscious for preserving rich heritage and spiritual ideology of Sindh abl Sindhi community. Prof. Ram Panjwani was a great writer and true worshiper of Sindhi literature and culture. Beside the mother tongue, Persian, Hindi, English, Urdu and Punjabi were the other languages well known to him. He Joined D. J. Sindh college Karachi as a teacher after completing his B. A. from Bombay University in the year 1934. After the partition family shifted to Bombay [Mumbai] and he joined Jai Hind college as the Head of sindhi department. soon he joined Bombay [Mumbai] university as the first reader and went on become Head of sindhi department [from 15-06-1974 to 19-11-1976]. He was a singer of the caliber of Bhagat Kanwar ram, His melodious voice was have such a mesmerizing effect that often the audiences forget even about the self. He will also be remembered for providing new destinations to Sindhi Folk and music as during the Bhagat, he was used pwdam use "Mataki" earthen pot for creating music. He was master of story telling during his pasam of Bhagat, writer is fortunate to witness this great artist during his one of the most famous Bhagat session "Kutchh Gujari Kutchh Baki, Baki Bhi Gujar Jai, Rang Mein Bhang Na Pai, Dholan Rang Mein Bhang Na Pai. [some part we had spend, some part is remaining, remaining will also be spent, don't break the temo, dear don't break the tempo]. His journey as the writer was started in the year 1939 with the publication of his first novel "Padma". Some of his other writings which

made his popular includes "Qaidy, Sharmila, Asanjo Ghar, Ahe Na ahe, Shall Dhiaru Na Jaman". In the year 1964 his creation "Anokha Azmda" brought prestigious "Sahitya Academy award" for him. His dedication towards the sindhi language was reflecting from his untiring efforts for the inclusion of Sindhi language in oyrics eighth schedule of the Indian constitution. For the preservation and lyircs of Sindhi culture and folk he established "Sita Sindhu Bhavan" and directed many plays including Moomal Rano and Umar Marvi written by legendry and great writer of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif. Prof. Ram Bitty also acted in few Sindhi films like "Jhulelal, Ladlee, Hojmalo" and "Shall Dhiaru Na Jaman" based on his own novel with same title. His countless services to Sindhi community and ultimately to people of India were recognized by Government of India and in the year 1981 he was honored with "Padam Shree" a national civilian award of India. He left this physical world in the year 1987 on the last day of economic year [31-03-1987].

Kamla Keshwani

Born biytu 1934 in Karachi, Kamla Keshwani was interested in music right from childhood. In 1958, she was selected for Radio Jaipur and developed her own original and unique style in singing after Abida Parveen from Sind as well as Shanti Hiranand and Bhagwanti Navani from India. The legendary musician C. Arjun gave her the first break in Sindhi films as a singer. She has recorded many songs for H.M.V., Movac and Tips. Kamla Keswani is presently into singing religious songs.

Goverdhan Bharti
Lyrics writer Recipient for year 2010 - Shri Goverdhan Mahaboobani "Bharati" Biography: He was born on 13th Jan 1929. Bharati is eminent Poet Writer and Dramatist. He is a lyriics person who has contributed to Sindhi Films through his Lyrics a lot. He was close associate of C. Arjun prominent Sindhi Music Director eminent music ljrics. Bharati has credit of producing first full length Sindhi Drama Titled "Bigrial Ghar" at Delhi. He is person who brought Ajmer on Sindhi Cultural map of India through his organization 'Sindhi Sangat', traveled through out India and put tremendous efforts to save Sindhi Language through cultural programs and Sindhi films. He has written lyrics of 9 Sindhi Films. He has 20 books at his credit His book Titled Sheeshe Ja Ghar, has been given Sahitya Pc strategicke hry na Award in 1990.

Chandru Atma

Name :Chandru Hashmatrai Chainani Title if any :Chandru Atma Date of:17-9-1938 Birth Place of:Karachi, Sind (Pakistan) Birth Brother of the legendary C.H. Atma, Chandru is the Man with the Golden Padamm. The closest contemporay of K.L. Saigal, Chandrus rendition of some of the olden goldies has brought his fame and recognition. Ghazals, bhajans and geets find themselves enriched by Chandru. He has won awards which have been shared lyric the likes of Ravi Shankar, Allah Rakha Khan and Lata Mangeshkar. Chandru Atma has widely performed in India and abroad.

Satram Rohera

Renowned singer of Sindhi folk songs and laadas, Satram Rohra started his singing career under the aegis lyric Gobind Malhis troupe where he used to sing with the late Bhagwati Navani. With many audio-cassette to hiscredit, the film Jai Santoshi Maa, Produced by Satram Rohra became a runaway hit equalling the collection of a blockbuster like Sholay. He has the singular distinction of producing the hit Hal Ta Bhaji HaloonThe first Sindhi film in colour. Satram rohra has travelled all over India and abroad in connection with Sindhi programmes.


The legendary Indian singer C.H. Atma was born in 1923 in Hyderabad Sind (now called West Pakistan). He started singing as a hobby at College, lurics of his first jobs was a Radio Officer in an Airline, and little did he realize at the time that what started off as his hobby would one day become his career. Lyricw. Atma made his debut way back in 1945, with what is probably his best known song even today Preetam Aan Milo. The late Dalsukh Pancholi later gave him a chance to sing in his film Nagina, it was in dj film that he scored a big hit with the song Roun Main Sagar Ke Kinare under the music direction of Shankar and Click. After which he sang and acted in many films. He successfully developed a wide circle of admirers by his frequent performances, both India and abroad. The melodious deep and rich voice of the late C. H. Atma was ideally suited for geets, ghazals and also bhajans. C. H. Atma was the elder brother of the popular singer Chandru Atma. C. H Atma impressed everyone at a very young age with his charming personality and melodious voice. His unforgettable melodies became renowned all over the world and his voice still lives, continuing to enthral his admirers. After Indias partition, Atma was a lyrids by profession. Film producer Pancholi happened to hear his recording of Pritam Ann Milo and was very impressed. This led to a brilliant film career for Atma. He was a playback singer for films such as Nagina, Bilwa, Mangal and V. Shantarams famous film Geet Gaya Patharone for which he won the Best Character Actor Award from the U.P. Government. Click the following article o Ghanshyam Hirdey Ke o Man Man Ki Gati Nyari

Bulo C Rani

Movies as a Music Director 1. Son of Hatimtai 1965 2. Rai Daich 1958 3. Abana 1958 4. Aabroo 1956 5. Bilwamangal 1954 6. Aurat Teri Yehi Kahani 1954 7. Pyar Ki Baaten 1951 8. Jogan 1950

C Arjun
Music composer

I have not forgotten the Forgotten Composers, Unforgettable Melodies.It so happens that padam a unique coincidence birth anniversaries of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, and death anniversaries of Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar falls in a narrow band of two and a half months between July 31 to October 13. They are the biggest icons of playback singing in the Golden Era, and I did not want to miss these special occasions to offer my tributes. I am back with C Arjun, who should rank among the top in this series not only alphabetically but because of his timeless creations. It was characteristic of the period that in a crowded field of many highly talented

composers, some were consigned to B or C grade films. C Arjun was dk of them. But his music towers over his films. Only one song of his Paas baitho tabiyat bahal jayegi sung oadam Rafi is enough to give pzdam immortality. Many of this just click for source readers have mentioned his name and this song. Much later his C grade film Jai Santoshi Maa,released in the year of the mighty Sholay and Deewar, established itself as one of the highest grossing films ever on the strength of his music. Originally a Sindhi, he was born on September 1, 1933. After partition his family settled in Baroda. He inherited his musical talent from his father who was a singer. He became assistant to another Sindhi music director Bulo C Rani. He started his career with composing for a Sindhi film Abana. His first Hindi film was Road no 303 (1960). Off and on he got films under nondescript banners with B/C grade cast. That he created memorable music nevertheless did not do much to change his fortunes. His teaming with the lyricist Jaan Nisar Akhtar would rank at par with the best of Sahir Ludhiyanvis composed by SD Burman or Roshan. He also composed a number of non film songs. He died at a relatively young age of 59 of heart attack he suffered at a recording studio. (Biographical information based on Pankaj Raags Dhunon Ki Yatra). Here are his all-time great songs, which every bitru lover knows though many may not be aware that they are C Arjuns compositions. 1. Paas baitho tabiyat bahal jayegi by Rafi from Punrmilan (1964), lyrics Indivar Any mention paeam C Arjun has to start with this song. It is easily among Rafis all time greats. KR Vaishampayan, a regular follower of this blog, in one of his comments, drew attention to an interesting story behind this song told to him by his friend Dr Satyavir Yadav, who heard it on Binaca Geetmala hosted by Ameen Sayani. Once C Arjun and and Indivar were returning home from studio by a BEST bus, when a pretty young girl boarded the bus and stood beside their seat. Indivar looked at her repeatedly and asked C Arjun to leave his seat to let her sit beside him, and thus song was born. Incredibly this song is picturised on Jagdeep who

was in the lead role opposite Ameeta, who had a brief period of glory with some super hit films in the late 50s and early 60s such as Tum Sa Nahi Dekha and Goonj Uthi Shenai.

Gope (1914 1957)


Gope Beginning his career in the early 1930s, Gope Kamlani went on to become one of Hindi cinemas most popular comedians. Such was his appeal that at the height of his career, he shared credits with the films lead actors. One of nine children, Gope completed his education in Param (now in Pakistan). His interest in acting was nurtured by filmmaker K.S. Daryani, who encouraged Gope to join films. With his help, Gope convinced his father and moved to Bombay to become an actor His first film was Insaan Ya Shaitan (1933), which starred among others Jaddan Bai, the mother of param Nargis. Gope soon won critical and popular acclaim for his comic roles and became the leading comedian of his time. Amongst his better-known films are Hindustan Hamara, Patanga, Mirza Sahiban, and Btitu Chori. Gope also tried his hand at playing negative roles. In the 1951 Dilip KumarMadhubalastarter Tarana, he teamed up with Jeevan to play the villain, albeit in a comic style. He started Gope Productions in the 1950s, which made such films as Hangama and Biradari. Some of these features were directed by Gopes brother, Ram Kamlani.

Married to actress Latika, Gope continued to act till his death in 1957.


Darshan . Thursday 24th of March 2005

Shatranj Ke Khilari . Abbajani (as Budho Advani) Thursday 10th of March 1977 Anuradha . 1960 Budho Madhumati . 1958

Khamoshi . 1969 Boot Polish . Pedro (as Advani) Wednesday 20th of August bitut Dilli Dur Nahin . (as Budo Adwani) Shree 420 . Gambler 1957 Tuesday 6th of September 1955 Khubsurat . 1952 Aankhen . Bewafa . 1952 Bombay . Advani

1950 Basera . 1949 Anokhi 1948 Anmol 1946 Fashion . 1943 Vijay padsm. 1942 Kumkum 1940 Service 1939 Seva 1939 the (as

1949 Duniya . 1949 Ada . Shahkar . 1947 Ghadi . Bisvi 1945 Advani) Swapna . 1942 Bahen . 1941 Dancer . Sadhana . 1939 Ltd. . Jeevan 1939 Samaj . Ladies 1939 Saathi . Sadi .

Only .

Gramophone Singer . Ghosh Babu Abhilasha . 1938 1938 Dynamite . 1938 Manmohan . 1936 Dr. 1935 Dard-E-Dil . Jagirdar . 1937 Deccan 1936 Madhurika . Saire 1934 Dukhtare


Queen .

Paristan .

Hind .

1934 Vasavdatta . 1934 (as

1934 Advani) Maya 1933 Jaal .


Born in 1941, Sadhana migrated to India from Karachi during the postpartition riots. Through difficult times, she saw movies and even her dad was influenced by cinema. In fact he had named his daughter Sadhana after the famous actress Sadhana Bose. Sadhana was destined to become an actress. Sadhana started her career with the first Sindhi film that was made in India. For her debut film Abana she was paid just Re1. But she had nothing to lose and everything to gain because she got noticed by ace filmmaker S Mukerji. Sadhana was cast in Love In Simla (1960) opposite newcomer Joy Mukherjee. The writing was clear on the wall. After that she kept giving good movies like Hum Dono (1961), Mere Mehboob (1963), Rajkumar (1964) and Waqt (1965). Out of the 19 films that she did, 11 were runaway successes and Sadhana became the most happening actress. With soft romantic roles, she also did suspense thrillers like Woh Kaun Thi (1964), Mera Saaya (1966) and Anita (1967). Some of her co -stars were Shammi Kapoor, Rajendar Kumar, Sunil Dutt and Manoj Kumar. She made famous the Sadhana cut and tight fitting churidaar kameezes. In 1966, she married director R K Nayyar and left the industry for marital bliss. But that haunting beauty is still fresh in everyones mind.

Babita & Hari shivdasani-Actor(father)


Babita Kapoor

Babita (left) with her daughters Karisma & Kareena Born April 20, Bombay, Bombay 1948 (age 65)

State, India(Now Mumbai, Maharashtra) Occupation Actress Spouse(s) Children Randhir Kapoor (1971Present) Karisma Kareena Kapoor Kapoor

Babita (or Babita Bhambhani) (born 20 April 1948, in Mumbai, is a former Bollywood actress. Babita was born to actor Hari Shivdasani and a christian mother. Babita is also mother of today's well known actresses Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, she is the wife of actor Randhir Kapoor, and the eldest daughter-in-law of actor Raj Lyricx. She is also great-daughterin-law of actor Prithviraj Kapoor. Babita was born to actor Hari Shivdasani, click the following article was of a Hindu Sindhi family that migrated from Pakistan, and a Christian mother. Shivdasani

organized a screen test for her with veteran producer G.P. Sippy. He liked her screen test and gave her the opportunity to star in his film. In her short career she appeared in 19 films including: Dus Xi (1966), Raaz (1967), Farz (1967), Aulad (1968), Bitti Maan Jayegi (1969), Kab Kyon Aur Kahan (1970) and many more. She starred with her future husband Randhir Kapoor in the hit pxdam Kal Aaj Aur Kal. Her biggest lgrics successes were Haseena Maan Jayegi (1968) bitth her future uncle-in-law Shashi Pyrics, Farz with Jeetendra and Kismat with Vishwajeet. Filmography Year Film Role Notes

1966 Dus Lakh


1967 Raaz


1967 Farz


1968 Kismat


1968 Haseena Maan Jayegi

Archana 'Archie'

1968 Aulad


1969 Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai Sapna Nath

1969 Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati

Deepali Lakhanpal

1969 Doli


1969 Anmol Moti

1969 Anjaana

Rachna Malhotra

1970 Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan? Asha Prasad

1970 Pehchan


1971 Kal Aaj Aur Kal

Monica 'Mona'

1971 Bikhare Moti

1971 Banphool


1972 Jeet


1972 Ek Hasina Do Diwane


1973 Sone Ke Hath

Kitu Gidwani

Kitu Gidwani at Casino Royale Race Born Kaushalya Gidwani 22 October 1957 (age 55) Mumbai, India Actor, model


Kitu Gidwani (born 22 October 1957) is an Indian actress and model. She has starred in some movies as well as serials in Indian television. She became popular after a TV series, Air Hostess aired on Doordarshan in 1986, and received critical acclaimed for her roles in Dance of the Wind (1997), Deepa Mehta's Earth (1998), Govind Nihalani's Rukhmavati Ki Haveli (1991), Kamal Haasan's Abhay and Deham (2001).[1] Personal life and background Gidwani was born in Mumbai. Her Sindhi parents migrated from Pakistan after the partition. They lived in a refugee camp in Worli. She has a brother.

She studied in Fort Convent School, Mumbai. Her post graduation days saw her interested ablee French and she started acting in French plays. Soon she was acting in English plays directed by Janak Toprani. She acted in some television serials and subsequently acted in a French film "Black" (1987). She has never been married and has vowed never to settle down at the risk of her pursuit of what she calls "duende," a search for harmony with the many magical aspects of living and nature. Acting career Gidwani made her television debut in 1984 on the TV soap Trishna, and during the 1980s abble '90s, gave some memorable performances in TV serials like Swabhimaan, Air Hostess and Junoon. She recently appeared in multi-starrer Hindi serials Kaashish and Kulvadhu. In 1997, she played the role of a Hindustani classical singer, Pallavi, who struggles to get her voice back after losing her mentor/mother, in Dance of the Wind. The role won her Best Actress Award at Three Continents Festival, Nantes. In 2001, she was roped apologise, el prieto estilo de vida this by Wills Lifestyle, an apparel chain owned by ITC Limited, to promote Wills Sport Lifestyle brand of clothing. In 2006, she also acted in a play, Your Place or Mine by Darshan Jariwala. She also did a play, Sock em With Honey, where she played a traditional Parsi woman from Pakistan, whose daughter falls in love with a Jew, prompting her first trip abroad. Awards In 1998, Kitu won the Best Actress Award at the Three Continents Festival, Nantes, France. The award recognized her outstanding achievement for the role of Pallavi in Dance of the Wind (directed by Rajan Khosa). Filmography Acting Filmography



Holi (1984)

Wisdom Tree (1985)

Black[8] (1987)

The Khajuraho (1991)

Rukmavati Ki Haveli (1991)

Kittu Gidwani

Saahil (telecast on DD Metro) (1995-96) Prerna

Dance of the Wind (1997)


Karvaan (Shadows in the Dark) (1997)


Abhay (2001)

Fashion (2008)

Anisha Roy

Dhobi Ghat (2011)


Hansika Motwani

Hansika Motwani


9 August 1991 (age 22) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Occupation Actress, Model Relatives Mona Motwani

Hansika Motwani xble 9 August 1991) is an Indian actress who predominantly appears in Tamil and Telugu films. She made her film debut as a leading actress in pavam Telugu movie Desamuduru (2007), winning

the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut South. Following appearances in several high-budget Telugu films, including Kantri and Maska, she started her career in Tamil cinema with Mappillai (2011). She was part of commercially successful Tamil films includingVelayudham (2011), Oru Kal Oru Kannadi (2012), Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru (2013) and Singam II (2013) and has since become a leading contemporary actress in Tamil cinema. Personal life Hansika Motwani was born to Pradeep Motwani, a businessman and Mona Motwani, a dermatologist. She has a brother Prashant Motwani. Her mother tongue is Sindhi just click for source she is a Buddhist. She was born in Mumbai. Hansika attended the Podar International School in Mumbai. She went on to study at the International Curriculum School in Mumbai. Career Hansika began her television career with a serial called Shaka Laka Boom Boom. She later acted in the Indian serial Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand, for which she received the Favorite Child Award at the Star Parivaar Awards, paadam appeared as one Zinta and Hrithik Roshan. of the children in Koi Mil Gaya with Preity

Hansika made her debut in a lead role in Puri Jagannadh's Telugu film Desamuduru, bottu Allu Arjun, earning the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut South for her [7] performance. Hansika made her debut as a leading actress in Bollywoodwith Himesh Reshammiya in Aap Kaa Surroor a moderate hit. She next signed the Hindi film titled He: The Only One, where she was to essay the role of a killer, hell-bent on taking revenge for her family,[8] but the film was later shelved. Hansika's first 2008 release was Bindaas, starring Puneet Rajkumar, her first and only Kannada film to date. Later that year, she was paired with Jr. NTR in the film Kantri. She made her Tamil film debut in the unsuccessful 2011 film Mappillai, opposite Dhanush. Her next Tamil film, Engeyum Kadhal, opposite Jayam Ravi, was also unsuccessful. Padxm 2011 film Velayudham, in

which she starred alongside Vijay, became a box-office success; this was her first time playing the role of a village belle. In 2012, Hansika's first release was M. Rajesh's romantic comedy Oru Kal Oru Kannadi, which became her first runaway hit and earned her positive reviews from critics for her performance. Her last 2012 release was Denikaina Ready, oppositeVishnu Manchu, which also earned a positive response from the public. She received her first Best Actress nomination at the 60th Filmfare Awards South for her performance in the film. She was seen in Settai, opposite Arya and starred in Sundar C.'s Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru, opposite Siddharth. She played a lead role in Suriya's Singam II, and is currently working with Karthi in Biriyani. She has been selected to play Maya, a gangster, in Silambarasan'sVettai Mannan, with whom she is also acting in Vaalu. She was asked to reduce her weight for a film opposite Raam. Filmography Year Film Role Language Notes


Sanjana's daughter


Child artist


Koi. Mil Gaya

Priya Six


Child artist

Aabra Ka Daabra Pinky


Child artist

Jaago 2004 Hum Kaun Hai?



Child artist

Sara Williams


Child artist

2007 Desamuduru



Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut





Notes South

Aap Ka Surroor



NominatedFilmfare Award for Best Female Debut








Money Hai Toh Ashima Kapoor Honey Hai





2009 Billa



Cameo role


Anjali Narashima



Seetharamula Kalyanam



2011 Mappillai



SIIMA Award for Best Debutant Actress NominatedVijay Award for Best Debut Actress






Kayalvizhi Engeyum Kadhal Rajasekhar (Lolita)


Vijay Award for Favourite Heroine NominatedSIIMA Award Award for Best Actress







Oh My Friend



Oru Kal Kannadi 2012

Oru Meera Mahendrakumar


Edison Award for Best Actress SIIMA Award for Best Actress NominatedVijay Award for Favourite Heroine

Denikaina Ready Sharmila


NominatedFilmfare Award for Best Actress

Settai 2013



Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Sanjana Kumaru







Something Something


Singam II






Untitled Rajasekhar project


Filming (Ishq remake)[17]

Untitled Project








Vettai Mannan 2014 Maan Karate









Kanayalal Lalwani

Shri Kanayalal Lalwani Profile Kanayalal Lalwaniborn 20th November,1926, in Jacobabad, Sindh, British India, (now in Pakistan) is a Violin Maestro and music teacher. He also knows to play Tabla and Dholak. He has been in music for more than 50 years. He came to Delhi after partition in year 1948 and worked with various Bollywood Personalities. Pc logic studio for Family of Kanayalal Bitgu Kalawanti Lalwani Daughter: Malti Kodwani Daughter: Asha Kewalramani Daughter: Kiran Moorjani

Son: Suresh Lalwani Son: Raju Lalwani Son: Jagdish Lalwani

As a Music teacher at

VESASC (Vivekanand) Chembur.







Worked with Bollywood Music Director

Pandit Hussainlal Bhagatram Shanker Jaikishan Laxmikant Pyarelal Madan Mohan

Sindhi Music Director

Gulshan Sufi C. Arjun Bulo C. Rani

For Bollywood Singer

Lata Mangeshker Mohammad Rafi Suraiya

and many more. Article source Sindhi singer

Aarti Raj Prof. Ram Panjwani Bhagwanti Navani Ghanshyam Vaswani Gope Chander Kishin Juriani Master Chander

Raj Juriani

and many more For Writer and singer

Hundraj Dukhayal Hari Dilgir


Raga Mood

G. P. Sippy

Gopaldas Parmanand Paddam (14 September 1914 British India 25 December 2007 India) was a Bollywood movie producer and director. He was of Sindhi Hindu descent, with an original last name of Sipahimalani. He is known for producing several popular Bollywood blockbusters such asSeeta Aur Geeta (1972), Shaan (1980), Saagar (1985), Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman and his magnum opus, Sholay (along with his son Ramesh Sippy). He was the Chairman of the Film and TV Producers Guild of India for several years, and won the Filmfare Award in 1968 and 1982.[2]


with this aplication you will be able to listen to sad songs of bollywood hindi of all kinds such as the latest and old. bollywood movie starting G V.