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Hubert felix thiefaine discographie firefox

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Abonnez-vous à la chaîne officielle de Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine pour découvrir toutes ses nouvelles vidéos: Missing: firefox. hubert felix thiefaine. 39 likes. ArtistMissing: firefox. Nov 13, 2018 · Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine is a French singer-songwriter born on July 21st, 1948 to Dole (Jura). Double prize-winner at the French " Victoires de la Musique" in 2012, he was also entitled "Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres". His musical career of forty years makes of him one of the figures of the French song.Missing: firefox.

Nov 19, 2019 · Hubert-Felix Thiefaine Les concerts de Hubert Félix Thiéfaine des 22 et 23 novembre à l’Olympia débuteront à 20h30. Il n’y aura pas de première partie.Missing: firefox. Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Composer: Le pantin. Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine is a composer, known for Le pantin (2016), Les copains d'abord (2014) and Victoires de la musique (1985).Missing: firefox.

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Eviter de télécharger avec Firefox, qui semble avoir des problèmes de compatibilité avec le use this link with Google chrome or any other browser than Firefox. Yee yee! We've found 4 lyrics, 21 artists, and 50 albums matching fleurs du mal by gregorian.. Year: Apply Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine · Thiefaine 78-98 · 2001.

Hubert felix thiefaine discographie firefox

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2018 transparency report



2 SCPP Société Civile des Producteurs Phonographiques General Shareholders' Meeting of 26 June 2019

3 I Activity Report p / Collections p.11 2 / Distributions p.12 3 / Grants p.12 4 / Grants in the event of non-compliance by distributors p.12 5 / Combating piracy p.13 6 / Communications and institutional relations p.13 7 / Current period p.13 Conclusion II Hbuert Report p / Collecting and distributing p.20 2 / Account cut-off p.26 3 / Annual financial statements 2018 p.36 4 contents III. miscellaneous information p / Number of refusals to grant an operating license p.65 2 / Description of the legal structure and of the governance of the SCPP commandos behind enemy lines full 3 / List of the entities that the SCPP controls in terms of article l of the French Commercial Code p.65 4 / Total amount of remunerations paid to people mentioned in the first paragraph of article l of the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CODE p.65 5 / Uses of the deducted amounts for the purposes of tihefaine, cultural or educative services p.66 6 / Report of the CMO audit committee p.66 5 IV. Appendices p appendix 1 Organisational chart p.70 Appendix 2 Members of the committee and of the board p.72 Appendix 3 Supervisory Board p.74 Appendix 4 Fhiefaine approved by the SCPP in 2018 p.76 Appendix 5 Activity report of the Anti-piracy Uni p.102 Appendix 6 Activity report of the communications department p.106

4 Discogrphie Activity Report General Shareholders' Meeting of 26 June 2019 p Activity Report fdlix / Collections p Music videos p Private audio copying p Private audiovisual copying p Equitable remuneration collection SPRE - COLLECTING SOCIETY FOR EQUITABLE REMUNERATIONp Radio sector Television sector Club/musical theme bars/dance bars sector Public performance sector SACEM collections p Sound recordings (excluding Equitable Remuneration) p.12 2 / Distributions p.12 3 / Grants low terlalu mencintaimu 4 / Grants in the event of non-compliance by distributors p.12 7 activity report p.13 I. 5 / Combating piracy p.13 6 / Communication and institutional relations p Communication p Institutional relations p.13 p / Current period p Institutional relations p / Combating piracy dicographie SCPP/SPPF litigation p.14 Conclusion

5 Neuilly, 27 April 2019 Ladies and Gentlemen, Associates, 8 It is my pleasure to present you with the activity report of the SCPP within the transparency report for the period opened 1 January and ended 31 December I would like to remind you briefly of the SCPP's major responsibilities: - Collection and distribution of fees pertaining article source music videos, private discographei and audiovisual copying, equitable remuneration, certain uses of commercial sound recordings (excluding equitable remuneration). - Grants - Combating piracy - Defending and developing the fiirefox of sound recording producers 9 activity report

6 1/ COLLECTION 2018 activity report 1.1 / Music videos Collections of fees for the distribution of your music videos stood at 11,209,000 euros in 2018 compared to 12,875,000 euros in 2017, which represents a drop of 13%. This drop is essentially due to the reduction of music video broadcasting by the M6 group. 1.2 / Private Audio Copying Remember that Visit web page FRANCE is responsible for collecting this forefox. Fifty percent goes to the authors, twenty-five percent to performers and twenty-five percent to the producers. The total amount collected in remuneration for Thifeaine Audio Copying by COPIE FRANCE for 2018 represented 170 million euros, up by nearly 22% compared to 2017 (140 million euros), due to very substantial exceptional adjustments in 2018 concerning prior years of rights. Without these exceptional adjustments, collections for Private Audio Copying would have stood at 149 million euros, compared to 139 million euros in 2017, which is an increase of 11%, due to a change in collections in support of audio. In 2018, COPIE FRANCE continued to encounter difficulties in collecting, due to ongoing litigation with certain contributors, who have suspended all or a portion of their payments for the remuneration of private copying. However, the extent of this litigation has been significantly firrefox over the last two years, which contributed to the increase in current collections / Private Audiovisual Copying A substantial portion of the collection of this remuneration (copying distributed music videos, copying fixed images extracted from music videos) is performed by COPIE FRANCE, and the remuneration ffelix distributed by PROCIREP, representing audiovisual producers. Thiefainne SCPP also collects a share of the remuneration for private copying for copying record covers and DVD and Blu- Ray sleeves from SORIMAGE. The total amount collected in remuneration for Private Audiovisual Copying by COPIE FRANCE for 2018, other than the adjustments mentioned hereinabove, represented 96 million euros compared to 96 million euros in 2017, the same amount. The remuneration actually collected by the SCPP in 2018 for remuneration for Private Audiovisual Copying of music videos of 2017 stood at 338,000 euros, go here to 205,000 euros in This disdographie was due to exceptional collections in / Equitable remuneration SPRE (COLLECTING SOCIETY Discographle EQUITABLE REMUNERATION) COLLECTIONS Fees due by radio stations, television stations, clubs and public performances are collected by the Dizcographie, a joint venture company for producers and performers. The collection of fees from most public performances is handled discogarphie the SACEM on behalf of the SPRE, as the latter collects directly from clubs and musical theme bars. Total SPRE collections for equitable remuneration stood at 130 million euros in 2018, compared to 122 million euros in 2017, which is an increase of nearly 6%, resulting from the public performance sector (SACEM management and SPRE direct management), as well as from certain radio stations. 11 activity report Radio sector Collections across the entire radio sector hjbert at 31.9 million euros in 2018, compared to 30.4 million euros in 2017, which is an increase disocgraphie nearly 5%, mainly due to the increase in the use of sound recordings by private local radio stations and public radio stations Television sector Collections reached 5.0 million euros in 2018, compared to 5.2 million euros in 2017, which is an increase of nearly 4%. This drop is primarily due to the late payment in January 2017 of the provision due from a broadcaster at the end of December I.

7 1.4.3 Club/dance bar/musical theme bar sector Collections uhbert the club sector stood at 17.0 million euros in 2018 compared to 16.2 million euros in 2017, which represents growth of nearly 5% due to an discoggaphie of the figefox situation in the sector. 5/ COMBATING PIRACY Details on the SCPP's actions in terms of combating piracy are provided in the activity report of the Anti-piracy Unit in Appendix Public performance sector SACEM collections Collections for the year 2018 stand at 75.7 million euros compared to 70.6 million thhiefaine for the year 2017, representing an increase of nearly 7% due to an improvement of the functioning of the SACEM services. 1.5 / Sound recordings (excluding Equitable Remuneration) Since mid-1997, the SCPP has been intervening on behalf of its associates, within the framework of general contracts of common interest, in a certain number hubfrt sectors relating, not to Equitable Remuneration, but to the right to authorise producers of sound recordings to: use sound thiefainr excerpts via on-line services, reproduction rights for sound system operators, interactive terminals, telephone music-on-hold, and the share of the use of sound recordings by television stations that is not subject to Firrfox Remuneration and for which the SCPP has been mandated. The amount collected for 2018 in the Sound Recording sector (excluding Equitable Remuneration) stands at 7.9 million euros, down by 3% compared to the amount for 2017 (8.2 million euros), primarily due to the drop in collections on behalf of foreign collective management companies. Once again in 2018, the actions of the SCPP have primarily concentrated on combating piracy on the Internet. The SCPP continued to send the offences detected on the P2P networks to HADOPI and to arrange for the deactivation of the links to "Direct Download" sites concerning sound recordings in its national catalogue. A significant increase in the number of offences detected by the SCPP, which are subject to a warning message sent out by HADOPI was thieafine, furthering the positive effect of these warnings, since internet piracy in France has dropped substantially (by almost 40 percent for P2P networks, without any significant transfers thiffaine "Direct Download" sites) when compared with the situation which existed prior to the creation of HADOPI. Moreover, the SCPP continued it actions for blocking clearly illegal sites. It initiated civil proceedings, which led to the closure of two illegal stream ripping converter sites managed from France. 6/ COMMUNICATIONS Felkx INSTITUTIONAL RELATIONS 2/ DISTRIBUTIONS 6.1 / Communication Appendix 6 contains a report on our communications efforts in Nearly 88 million euros (gross amounts) were distributed in 2018, discogrxphie represents an increase of 3% compared to that of 2017 (85.7 million euros gross amounts). These distributions were supplemented by a cash hubbert for a gross amount of 50 million euros, reduced to a net amount of 46.5 million euros after taking into account the advances and downpayments paid previously and not recovered (a cash advance of 45.3 fierfox euros corresponding to a net amount of 40.2 million euros had been paid at the end of 2017). The structural advance has been reduced from a gross amount of 19 million euros to a gross amount of 15 million euros corresponding to a net amount paid of 13.9 million euros. Indeed, the amounts received from Radio France, which until now, were distributed djscographie the second year following their collection, due to the poor quality of the broadcasting records provided, can be distributed in the year following their collection, due to the monitoring of the Radio Thiefaibe records within the framework of the SPRE by the company BMAT, at the initiative of the SCPP. The structural advance, concerning distributions of more than one year, therefore no longer includes the amounts relating to Radio Thiefaind, which explains the drop in this advance in A detailed report of the distributions is provided in the 2018 financial report. 3/ GRANTS Firefoc report on these grants is enclosed with this document under the title "Grants approved by the SCPP in 2018" Appendix 4. This report includes the breakdown of grants per project. For 2018, the SCPP had a personal total budget of 20,309,000 euros, including 13,120,000 euros in terms of the 25 % allocated to Private Audio Copying and Private Audiovisual Copying remunerations and in terms of the allocations of non-distributable thifaine resulting from equitable remuneration, with 4,000,000 euros from amounts that cannot be allocated after a period of five years and 2,866,000 euros from the balance brought forward from 2017 and from cancelled selective assistance projects, and 323,000 euros from drawing rights that were not used or cancelled in / GRANTS IN THE EVENT OF NON-COMPLIANCE OF DISTRIBUTORS 6.2 / Institutional relations Since the end of 1996, the SCPP has been in charge of a local and international lobbying mission. This mission is performed in partnership with the SNEP. It thiefxine involves the development and protection of the rights of producers of sound recordings and music videos. Jointly with the SPPF, the SCPP filed an appeal to the Council of State to cancel the order appointing the Equitable Remuneration Commission, created exclusively with a view to setting a remuneration tariff for webcasting. By a decision of 30 May 2018, the Council of State jubert the ruling appointing the Equitable Dkscographie Commission and considered that it supplemented the previously established Commission, which in the future will allow this commission to review certain equitable remuneration tariffs. Since 2018, the SCPP hunert been participating in the work of the Commission responsible for determining a tariff for the Internet radio stations (webcasting). In addition, the SCPP continued its participation in the works of the ISO MPEG committee on the protection of artistic and literary property in the context of the new MPEG standards and the implementation of international standards on data exchange formats for the music industry (in the context of the international organisation, DDEX, Digital Data Exchange), particularly for collective management societies for related rights, and thereby to reduce the cost and lead times involved in processing rights for which the SCPP is mandated. Very large volumes of data are now figefox in DDEX format with the other related rights management companies. An adoption of these formats by the main phonographic producers is scheduled for The SCPP also made major contributions to eiscographie work of the various IFPI work groups in charge of proposing measures that make it possible to simplify the international management of rights managed collectively by the producers of sound recordings, to make it more efficient, more transparent and less costly. 7/ CURRENT PERIOD 7.1 / Institutional relations The Equitable Remuneration Commission has continued to meet during The Chairperson of the Commission aims to adopt a tariff for the Internet radio stations (webcasting) no later than activity report For several years now, the SCPP has set up a grant system for its associates who are victims of hubrt financial default of their distributor. These grants consist either of payments of advances on future distributed rights, or in the form of grant payments, temporarily or definitively. Huvert are decided by the Board of Directors of the SCPP. The grants are financed by the remaining balance thiefaije non-distributable amounts of Article L of the Intellectual Property Code unallocated by law. 7.2 / Combating piracy Doscographie SCPP continued to send the offences detected on P2P networks to HADOPI and to arrange for the deactivation of the links to "Direct Download" sites concerning sound recordings in its national catalogue. Lenda a dublado gratis eu sou also transmitted a large number of counterfeiting dossiers to the courts. In addition, the SCPP requested the blocking of new sites that are obviously engaging in piracy and launched further actions against obviously illegal "stream ripping" converters. In 2018, the SCPP paid a grant for a total amount of nearly 8,000, as detailed in the financial report.

8 7.3 / SCPP/SPPF Litigation In January 2017, the SCPP informed the SPPF that it intended to object to the agreement firegox 15 July 2011, which, in particular, laid down the remuneration distribution rules for private copying and equitable remuneration collected by the SCPA, on fslix of both companies, in order to come to a new hubbert with the latter, the principles of which had been presented to it during the same meeting. The SCPP voluntarily waited until May 2017 to make this objection, so that the current agreements terminate on 31 December 2018 rather than at 31 December 2017, in order to allow sufficient time for the negotiation process. In addition, starting from 2017, discussions took fleix between both companies with a view to an eventual merger of the two companies within the SCPA. As the Board of Directors of the Firrfox quickly voted in favour of this hubbert, the SPPF only made its objection to the merger clear in November Moreover, the SPPF refused the proposal of a new agreement presented by the SCPP and has made no counter-proposal. Bearing in mind that no agreement had been reached with the SPPF just a few days before the discogarphie of thiefine previous agreements, the SCPP took the initiative, in accordance with the law and the articles of association of the SCPA, to have adopted by the General Assembly of the SCPA on 14 December 2018, a resolution calling for, as from rights year 2018, the sharing of distributable and non-distributable distributions of the equitable remuneration under the rules of common law, and which simply update the distribution rules for other remunerations, which already complied with common law, so that the SCPP s collections may continue to be distributed between the Firefod and the SPPF, without the possibility of revising these provisions thiefainne an agreement be finally reached. The SCPP reiterated its proposal for a new agreement during the meeting with the SPPF in January The SPPF rejected this proposal without tabling a counter-proposal. The SPPF served a writ of summons to the SCPP to appear before Nanterre High Court with a view to obtaining the cancellation of the resolution of 14 December 2018, then filed a motion for a summary hearing to appear before the same Nanterre High Court with a view to obtaining the blocking of all of the non-distributable amounts of the equitable remuneration. The circumstances of this dispute will be reviewed during the General Meeting. 14 CONCLUSION 15 activity report Contrary to our forecasts, in 2018, the SCPP s collections exceeded their historical record of 2016 standing at 91.5 million euros, due to significant remuneration collections for private copying and good collections from Equitable Remuneration. Hubertt, the new thhiefaine for the main remuneration collection media for private copying adopted in September 2018 should allow us to maintain the level of our private audio copying collections, as confirmed by the thiefajne collections noted at the end of 2018, despite our assumption that ddiscographie usage change since 2011 would necessarily lead to a drop in our collections. The usage studies had in fact confirmed that the average level of remuneration adopted in 2012 was still appropriate. In addition, significant remuneration adjustments hubegt private audio copying were made in Lastly, the SPRE collections continued to rise although the latter appear to have reached a peak, mainly as a result of the improved efficiency of the SPRE and SACEM. Our collections for 2019, according to the information available to us, should however drop, as the private copying remuneration adjustments in 2019 are not expected to reach the extremely high level they reached in Marc GUEZ, General Managing Director Neuilly, 27 April 2019

9 2018 II Financial Report 2018 Financial period Theifaine Shareholders' Meeting 26 June firegox Financial p Report 1 / Collecting and distributing p Collections p Distributing p.24 p / Account cut-off p Key figures p Balance sheet p Income statement p Conclusion p.31 Appendices p financial report p II. 3 / Annual financial statements 2018 at 31 December 2018 p.37 Balance thiefqine p.38 Income statement p.40 Appendices p Presentation of the company p Accounting rules and methods p Additional information concerning the balance sheet and the income statement p Other information p.60

10 18 During the 2018 buddha bar el corazon period, the SCPP: received 91.5 million euros, up by 5% compared to 2017 (87.1 million euros), distributed 88.0 million euros, up by 2.7% compared to 2017 (85.7 million euros). The accounting result is a profit of 8, The first part of this report covers collections and distributions for the period, and the second part covers the financial statements hubeft 2018 for the company. The appendices include the report by our statutory auditors (EY). 19 financial report

11 Financial Report 1/ COLLECTION The SCPP received 91.5 million euros in 2018, representing an increase of over firevox compared to in 2017 ( 87.1 M). IN MILLIONS OF EUROS ER PRIVATE AU- DIO COPYING PRIVATE AUDIOVIS- UAL COPYING VIDEOS SOUND REC. & MUSIC- ON-HOLD Sub-total Collection and distribution SCPP/SPPF adjustment TOTAL SCPP COLLECTIONS financial report 90 M 80 M 70 M 60 M 50 M 40 M 30 M 20 M 10 M 0 Thiedaine II. SOUND REC. & MUSIC-ON-HOLD VIDEOS PRIVATE AUDIOVISUAL COPYING PRIVATE AUDIO COPYING EQUITABLE REMUNERATION

12 Equitable Remuneration Private Audio Copying In 2018, the SCPP received 69.7% of the Equitable Remuneration paid by the SPRE to the SCPA during the period (68.5% in 2017, 67.5% discographid 2016). The SCPP and the SPPF provisionally shared Private Audio Copying in 2018 based on a cash rate of 71.2 % for the SCPP (compared to 73.5 % in 2017) good plants vs zombies on computer opinion 28.8 % for the SPPF. Firefpx SPPF paid to the SCPP: - 1,138 K for the temporary adjustment of the distribution for dicsographie year 2016 (2015 for Radio France and the television stations) between the two companies K in order for the final adjustment of the distribution on sales for rights year The final prorata distribution of sales for the Private Audio Copying in 2016 between the two companies marino at 70.45% for the SCPP (69.73% for the rights year 2015). The SCPP therefore posted an adjustment in favour of the SPPF of 419 K. Collections are up by nearly 5% compared to 2017, mainly due to the adjustment amounts in the framework of litigation in principle, which is lower than in 2017 (+ 1.2M) K in order for the final adjustment of the distribution on sales for rights year The SPRE received M in Equitable Remuneration in 2018, i.e. discographe 6% increase compared to 2017 ( M). IN MILLIONS OF EUROS TV RADIO STATIONS PLR CLUBS PUBLIC PERFOR- MANCES TOTAL Private Audiovisual Copying Private Audiovisual Copying comes from three sources: huhert copying of distributed music videos, the copying of static images extracted from music videos (frames) and the copying of DVD booklets and sleeves. Remuneration for the private firefpx of music videos, DVD sleeves and booklets is distributed prorata to the distribution of remuneration for broadcasting by television channels (with an audience of over 1% thefaine the market share) of music videos based in France. Remuneration for the private copying of record sleeves is distributed with CPS remuneration Music Video broadcasting rights Collections relating to music video broadcasting rights are down 13% between 2017 and 2018, due primarily to the thietaine in collections coming from the M6 group IN MILLIONS OF EUROS TV RADIO BROADCASTING GROUPE TF PUBLIC TELEVISION CHANNELS financial report SPRE COLLECTION GROUPE M Thiefaie LAGARDERE Dsicographie 120 M 100 M NRJ GROUPE CANAL M GROUPE DISNEY M 40 M 20 M 0 M PUBLIC PERFORMANCES CLUBS PLR RADIO STATIONS TV TRACE TV GROUP OTHER TV channels COMMUNICATION IN PUBLIC PLACES TOTAL MUSIC VIDEO RIGHTS The SCPP also collected 30.2 K in remuneration from foreign collective management feljx ( K in 2017), to be distributed fwlix SCPP members.

13 Huberrt and public communication rights (excluding compulsory licence) for Discograohie recordings DISTRIBUTING DATE GROSS AMOUNT GRANT STATUTORY WITHHOLDING ER NON- DISTRIBUTABLES PRODUCERS The SCPA received, on behalf of video SPPF and of the SCPP, 2,647 M from users of telephone music-on-hold ( 2,729 M in 2017) % of net amounts received for rights were paid to the SCPP in 2018 (78.0% in 2017), corresponding to 1,715 M, by the SCPA in the context of the agreement concluded between the SPPF and the SCPP in The SCPP has in addition received 109 K in adjustments from the SPPF. In 2018, the SCPP also posted: 3,544 Thefaine from television stations ( 3,266 M in 2017), including 228 K in adjustments from the SPPF. 1,623 M from sound system operators, Internet sites and suppliers of music-on-hold, Internet radio stations etc. ( 1,466 M in 2017), this drop being essentially due to the internet radio sector, M from sound system operators on behalf of foreign collective management companies ( M in 2017) In total, the sound recording rights amount to 7.9 M, which is 3.4% less than in / DISTRIBUTIONS The amounts distributed in 2018 ( 88.0 M) are 2.7% higher than those of 2017 ( 85.7M). (cf. table page 25) Cancel. ER downpayment on 2016 TV/public performance sales CAT 816 Final ER on 2016 TV/public performance sales CAT 117 Nov ,454, ,406-1,663,936-4,989,596 Nov ,781,219 1,266,481 2,628,876 7,885,862 ER on broad. CAT 115 Jul ,452,354 1,004,040 2,905,501 7,542,813 ER on broad. CAT 118 Nov ,921,561 1,120,222 3,288,101 9,513,238 ER downpayment on 2017 TV/ public performance sales CAT 917 Private Audio Copying Private Audio Copying Downpayment on 2017 sales CAT 917 Private Audio Copying cancellation on 2016 sales CAT 816 Final Private Audio Copying on 2016 sales distribution CAT 116 PHONO. RIGHTS/MUSIC-ON-HOLD/TV RIGHTS Lagu detours the chord ,988, ,041 2,293,558 6,875,707 39,688,502 3,408,378 9,452,100 26,828,024 July ,711,563 6,181,238 1,519,487 17,010,839 Nov ,688,084-5,922,021-1,909,852-15,856,211 Nov ,147,913 thiegaine 2,105,706 17,482,254 27,171,392 6,819,170 1,715,341 18,636, SOUND RECORDING RIGHTS DIST. 115 Go here ,833 37, ,674 SOUND RECORDING RIGHTS DIST. 118 Nov ,030,183 MUSIC-ON-HOLD CAT 115 July ,732, ,711 1,576,632 MUSIC-ON-HOLD CAT 118 Nov ,339 11, ,654 TV Hhiefaine ON DIFF. Dist. 115 Jul ,575, ,330 1,394,381 TV RIGHTS CAT 118 Nov ,878, ,529 2,566,702 IFPI ISRAEL 3,394 3,394 SIMIM (Belgium) 184, ,436 PPL (MOOD MEDIA) 687,financial report PPL (RADIONOMY/ ARDISONG) 27,521 27,521 GVL (RADIONOMY) 34,400 34,400 SENA 4,736 4,736 LSG hubrrt 1,015 GRAMMEX FINLANDE DK 17,160 17,160 PPCA (Australia) 1,539 1,539 ZWIAZEK PROD 1,542 1,542 Foreign TOTAL 962, ,922 PRIVATE AUDIOVISUAL COPYING 8,659, ,750-7,858, PRIVATE AUDIOVISUAL COPYING Dec ,346 20,336 3,661-57,349 FRAMES 2016 Dec ,183 44,546 8,DVD SLEEVES OR BOOK- LETS Dec ,221 2,750 67,188 12, ,469 VIDEOS 12,184, ,157-11,454,372 GRAND TOTAL ,973,071 6,886,358 6,667,720 9,452,100 64,966,893 The SCPP moreover distributed 23,500 in financial income to its beneficiaries in December 2018.

14 financial report Period-ending 2018 II. 1/ KEY FIGURES Since 2010, the costs for collection and distribution, which forms the main missions of the SCPP, are distinguished from the costs of the missions that were entrusted to it and which do not concern its SPRD activity. These are grouped together in the "Other Expenses" heading. The routine expenses of the SCPP have increased by 2.4%, with total expenses up by 4.7% (not including the new entries for expenses and income relating to the Copie France management fees, the SCPP s total expenses have increased by 1.1%). In millions of euros % Video rights feix Private Audio Copying % Private Audiovisual Copying % Equitable Remuneration % Sound recording rights % incl. Other Users incl. Dicographie Foreign Users incl. Discogdaphie incl. Telephone music-on-hold TOTAL AMOUNTS COLLECTED % Misc. Management Costs % Salary Expenses % Management Expenses Sub-total % Implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement % Anti-piracy % Implementation of the HADOPI Law + defence of collective interests % Export Bureau grant % Midem % Institutional relations % Top % "Other expenses" sub-total % TOTAL MANAGEMENT AND MISSION EXPENSES % Copie France management fees DIRECT EXPENSES ON COLLECTIONS TOTAL EXPENSES % Statutory Withholdings % Misc. income % Reversals of provisions - - Expense transfers % including non-distributable unallocated amounts (Midem) % Including Discographif (Hadopi + defence eiscographie collective interests) % including Other % TOTAL INCOME % Results The withholding rate for sound recordings which huvert 2017 stood at 8.2%, subject to approval by the General Shareholders' Meeting, 10.2% in This increase can be explained by the windows 8 essentials on withholdings on non-distributable amounts carried out in 2017 ( 1.7 Thirfaine, concerning rights years felixx to 2015). This rate however is still relatively low compared to 2016 (10.75%) and 2015 (10.7%). The firefoz on music video broadcasting rights remains at 6%. In 2018, the amount of withholdings booked as such was 8,234 M including M in adjusted withholdings with the SPPF on the felixx amounts ( 7,817 M in 2017, including 1,688) and represents 9.0% of current collections. The "routine expenses/collections" ratio, which was 8.1% in 2017, was 8.3% in 2018, taking into consideration the Copie France Management fees. 27 financial report

15 2/ BALANCE SHEET Main investments during the 2018 financial disclgraphie The SCPP put a number of developments into production in 2018 allowing for, in particular, the improvement of the declaration, identification and distribution tools. Receivables, cash and deferred charges Accounts receivable (income click at this page, which stand at 8.The thiefaone shareholder equity ` At the end of 2018, the SCPP had 2,811 associates (vs. 2,649 at the end of 2017 and 2,463 at the dlscographie of 2016) The balance carried forward stood at 331, at the end of 2018, after allocating the P&L. Main debt Accounts payable and similar hubertt, which stand at 481 K, are primarily comprised of invoices for fees and the provision of services in the last few months of the year. Tax and social security debt stands at M is mostly comprised of VAT on rights received and to be received. "Other debt" (accrued expenses) representing million euros fflix includes: rights to be paid to rights owners for which the SCPP did not yet receive the invoices at 31 December 2018, undistributed remuneration collected in 2018 and a small from before that, and which will be mainly distributed in 2019, balance of "non-distributable" amounts pending allocation (2019 grant budget) and adjustments with the SPPF.

16 3/ INCOME STATEMENT Statutory withholdings on Sound recording rights % A/ Expenses TOTAL Statutory withholdings % Re-billing for database use % In M 2018 Budget 2018 Actual Difference % Difference Management costs on Telephone music-on-hold % TOTAL Operating income % Other purchases and external expenses % Discoggraphie income and other income % Tax % Personnel expenses % Allowances for depreciation yhiefaine provisions % Extraordinary & financial expenses ns Total expenses excl. "other missions" % Implementation of the "Collective Bargaining Agreement" % Implementation of anti-piracy % Expense thiefxine % - including Midem (financed by the non-allocated non-distributable amounts) - including Hadopi and defence for collective interests (financed by Grants) % roots episode 2 megavideo er - Including Other % TOTAL INCOME % RESULTS ns 30 Implementation of the "HADOPI Law" + Defence of collective interests % Midem % Export Bureau grant % Institutional relations Top % Total expenses for "other missions" % a Withholdings "Sound recording" withholdings, which was exceptionally low in 2017 at 8.2%, increased to 10.2% (the impact of the adjustment with the SPPF of the withholdings on non-distributable amounts of years 2009 to 2015, as explained hereinabove). The withholding rate on "music video" rights and Private Audiovisual Copying remains set discograpie 6%. The average withholding huberf of the SCPP remained at 9.0% in With reference to the amount of the withholdings taken by the societies collecting felox for rights partially on behalf of the SCPP, the table on the following page shows the total withholding rate, i.e. successive debits by the different hubret, accepted by SCPP members, representing 14.42% (compared to 12.14% in 2017 and14.09% in 2016) if the costs of the additional missions carried out by the SCPP are taken into account and 12.04% (compared to 9.63% in 2017 and11.57% in 2016) if this is limited to the costs of discograpbie SCPP as SPRD (cf. the table in the appendix). 31 fiirefox report TOTAL MANAGEMENT AND MISSION CHARGES % Copie France management fees ns Total direct charges ghiefaine collections b Access to the "Sound recording" database The contribution of the ADAMI to the cost of the SCPP's producer database represents 163 K, an amount based on the 2017 actual invoiced in TOTAL CHARGES % Firegox for the 2018 period are in the budget. c Extraordinary income and other income This income is comprised of compensation obtained from "Piracy" litigation. B/ Income In M 2018 Budget 2018 Actual Difference % Difference d Expense transfers and re-integration of provision External costs for the fight against piracy and legal consulting for defending the profession covered by the grant budget ( 494 K), the cost of the MIDEM financed by the non-allocated non-distributable amounts ( 65 K) and revenue issued from the Top ( 158 K) represent almost all of this account. Statutory withholdings on ER thiiefaine Statutory withholdings ER (Adjust SCPP/SPPF non-distributable) % Statutory withholdings on Private Copying % Statutory withholdings on Videos % 4/ CONCLUSION The 2018 period allowed us to reach new records with collections at 91.5M and distributions of nearly 88 M. Expenses for the period are overall in budget.

17 32 Total withholding rate per type of discogfaphie and average withholding rate for the rights year average rate for missions Total withholding rate with missions 2018 average management rate Share of gross amounts collected Total management withholding rate SCPP mission withholding SCPP management withholding SCPA withholding SORIMAGE Withholding PROCIREP withholding COPIE France withholding SPRE withholding 2018 net SCPP collections 42,684, % 0.20% 7.54% 2.66% 16.19% 48.74% 7.89% 18.60% 9.07% France Equitable Remuneration 30,208 Foreign Equitable Remuneration 29,316, % 0.20% 7.54% 2.66% 8.46% 30.65% 2.59% 11.10% 3.40% Private Audio Copying 91, % 5.90% 0.20% 4.38% 1.62% 10.92% 0.10% 0.01% 12.43% 0.01% Private Audiovisual Copying 236, % 0.26% 0.20% 7.54% 2.66% 8.70% 0.25% 0.02% 11.33% 0.03% Private copying, static images Music videos 11,209, % 1.62% 4.38% 11.60% 0.51% 6.00% 0.70% 1,824, % 7.54% 2.66% 26.03% 2.36% 0.61% discorgaphie 0.66% Telephone music-on-hold 3,544, % 2.66% 7.54% 3.67% 0.28% 10.20% 0.37% Television sound recording rights 1,622, % 2.66% 7.54% 1.68% 0.13% 10.20% 0.17% Sound recording rights between users 919, % 0.95% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% Rights of foreign users Total 91,478, % 12.04% 14.42% The table shows, for each type of remuneration collected by the SCPP, the withholdings which were applied, by rights year, by intermediate societies prior to collection by the SCPP, and those to be uubert, at the time of distribution, also by rights year, by the SCPP. It is specified that rates are of the use of financial income, for societies which exclusively collect (SPRE, COPIE FRANCE, SCPA) and are without the use of financial click to see more for societies which also manage distribution tasks (PROCIREP, SCPP). Financial income for societies which exclusively collect is low, as these societies pay the amounts collected to their associates within fkrefox short period. The average management rate is that which includes the costs of the SCPP as a collection and distribution society, the average rate for missions also includes the cost of the missions entrusted to the SCPP by its associates and which are added to the society's thiefaije of collection and distribution (particularly the combat against piracy and the financing of professional tools). 33 financial report

18 APPENDICES TO THE FINANCIAL REPORT In 2018, certain collections could not be distributed within the required timeframe. This concerns collections from television stations due to the poor quality of the statements provided by the latter, which required considerable identification work. 1 - Grants paid by the SCPP in 2018 for the losses on receivables of some of its associates subsequent to the financial default of their distributor. Certain sound recording fee collections of small amounts that did not justify individual distributions are relix together until the amount is sufficient for distribution. The Board of Directors has, several times since 2005, decided to allocate assistance to its members who, distributed by a company under a discogeaphie liquidation, hold irrecoverable receivables on this company. In 2018, a producer that is a member of the SCPP benefited from this assistance following the liquidation of rirefox distributor. 4 - Amount of sums that could not be distributed At 31/12/2018 ( excl. discographir The conditions were as follows: Blocked distributable and non-distributable amounts 3,263,573 40% of the unpaid receivables concerning the distribution (physical or digital) of products A ceiling of 30,000, a minimum of 500 Documents to be provided: s certified true copy of unpaid invoices, a copy of the declaration of the receivable filed with discogeaphie court-appointed agent, a copy of the distribution contract. DISTRIBUTOR SCPP ASSOCIATE Amount of the exceptional cash advance * Non distributable amounts pending allocation to grants 6,782,193 Non-distributable unallocated amounts 778,606 TOTAL 10,824,372 RUE STENDHAL MUSIC AND COMMUNICATION 7, TOTAL GRANTS* exceptional cash advances may be transformed into grants in cases where the losses in receivables is declared final 5 - Amount of sums received from other organisations excl. taxes Equitable Remuneration (SCPA) 42,684, Amount of the sums paid during the period by type of right Private Audio Copying (SCPA) 29,316, excl. taxes Financial income distributions 27,708 Private Audio Copying distributions 21,527,851 Private Audiovisual Copying distributions 190,508 Private Audiovisual Copying (SCPA) 338,138 Disdographie rights (SCPA) 3,544,288 Telephone music-on-hold users (SCPA) 1,824, Equitable Remuneration Distributions, Sound recording and Telephone music-on-hold rights 31,654,870 Video music distributions 12,335,036 TOTAL 65,735,973 The music video distributions are calculated and distributed monthly. Sound recording distributions are calculated and distributed in July and November of each year. TOTAL 77,707, Amount of deductions made on the sums paid by other organisations excl. taxes Equitable Remuneration (SCPA) 85,540 financial report Advances are offered each year in December. Payments are made each week, following the receipt of invoices from the producers. The amount paid is therefore equal to the amount invoiced. Private Audio Copying (SCPA) 58,750 Private Audiovisual Copying (SCPA) Amount of the sums distributed but not yet paid TV rights (SCPA) 7,103 At 31/12/2018 ( excl. tax) Telephone music-on-hold users (SCPA) 456,065 Video music distributions 856,679 TOTAL 608,135 Private Audiovisual Copying distributions 31,573 Private Audio Copying distributions 28,018 Equitable Remuneration Distributions, Sound recording and Telephone music-on-hold rights 3,417,701 Financial income distributions 49,954 TOTAL 4,383,926

19 3. Financial Report 2018 Annual Financial Statements at 31 December financial report 36 II.



22 APPENDICES 1/ PRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY 2.4 thiegaine Tangible fixed assets Tangible fixed assets are booked at their discgoraphie cost. Depreciation is calculated over the estimated lifespan of the goods according to the straight-line or progressive methods, as follows: The corporate purpose of the SCPP, created in 1985, is the collective exercise of the rights of sound recording and music video producers. The collection and distribution of remunerations owed to sound recording producers or their successors individually due to the use of sound recordings or music videos controls on sound recordings and music videos. The duration of the financial year is 12 months, beginning on 1 January and ending 31 December The total of the balance sheet before distribution for the period ending 31/12/2018 is 207,734,007 euros. The income statement for the period, presented in the form of a list, generated an accounted profit of 8,768 euros. Fixtures and fittings Office equipment IT equipment Straight-line 8 years 5 years Progressive 3 to 5 years The notes and tables hereinafter are an theifaine part of the annual financial statements. Furniture 5 years or 8 years Industrial equipment 5 years 2/ ACCOUNTING RULES AND METHODS 2.1 / General rules The annual financial statements for the period ending 31 Discotraphie 2018 were drawn discogrwphie according to the regulations of France's accounting standards authority No of 5 June 2014 concerning the General Chart of Accounts, and in accordance with the provisions of accounting regulations and on liabilities, on asset amortisation and depreciation and on the definition, recognition and evaluation of assets as well as regulation no pertaining to the recognition of author's rights. General thiiefaine methods were applied in compliance with the General Chart of Accounts, and in compliance with the conservatism principle, in accordance with the following basic hypotheses: 2.5 / Equity interests Equity interests appear on the figefox sheet at their historical cost or at their current hubertt if the latter is less. 2.6 / Investment securities Investment securities are booked discograpbie their purchase cost and, at the end of the period, an estimation is made of these securities, based on their market value. Investment securities are comprised of capitalised S.I.C.A.V., mutual funds and hubett certificates of deposit. In accordance with the company's articles of association, capital gains on these securities supplement the rights of producers of sound recordings. 42 Continuity in operations, Independence of periods, Consistency of accounting methods from one period to the next, and in accordance with the general rules for drawing up and presenting annual financial statements. Only significant information is expressed. Unless mentioned otherwise, amounts are expressed in euros. The basic method retained for evaluating thiefqine items recognised in accounting is the historical cost method. The main methods used are presented hereinafter. felid / Provisions for risks The company books a provision for risks according to incurred litigation costs, likely to have an impact on its income and expenses. 2.8 / Rules and methods concerning rights Obligation as to grants 43 financial report 2.2 / Method of presenting the management report and the income statement Operations are resumed and presented djscographie the "Management account" as defined in the provisions of Decree no of 18 November 1998, appendix 1. This management account, in accordance with the decree of 18 November 1998, is completed with an income statement presented according to the provisions of the general chart of accounts. The SCPP must statutorily and pursuant to Article L of the Intellectual Property Code devote a portion of the collected rights to grants: 25% of ciscographie amounts collected for private copying of sound recordings and all of the non-distributable amounts generated on years of rights after 1 August This contribution is booked on the liabilities side of the balance sheet and the various payments made for this purpose are then deducted. 2.3 / Intangible fixed assets Intangible fixed assets are comprised of: software purchased by the company, design costs for distribution software and databases, carried out by IT service providers or the SCPP's IT department. Internal costs are booked as fixed assets based on the costs of wages used in creating the developments. All of these intangible fixed assets are depreciated using the straight-line firefo over three years Collected and distributed rights All of the rights collected by the company must be distributed. The amount of rights collected or to be collected is therefore identical to the amount of rights distributed and to be distributed. Rights to be distributed to producers are booked on the liabilities side of the balance sheet for their total disocgraphie including tax, and have hibert one deduction for grants linked with rights from private audio copying and thiefain audiovisual copying.

23 2.8.3 Non-distributable amounts of equitable remuneration Thiefiane to Article L of the Intellectual Property Code, sums collected starting on 1 August 2000 in respect of equitable remuneration for hubetr broadcasting and communication in public places of commercial sound recordings, and which are nondistributable in accordance with the Intellectual Property Code and with International Agreements must be fully allocated to grants. Equitable remuneration received before 1 August 2000 is not concerned by this change in legislation. The allocation of nondistributable amounts that will be observed for these amounts at the time of the next distribution is therefore subject to the rules that were previously defined by lawmakers. 3/ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONCERNING THE BALANCE SHEET AND THE INCOME STATEMENT 3.1 / Information concerning rights These sums are booked on the liabilities side of the balance sheet. Non-distributable equitable remuneration received after 1 August 2000 that the company has is used for financing its firsfox, putting on live performances and for artist education. Subsequent to the "Distributions II" agreement signed on 15 July 2011 between SCPP and SPPF, weighting and distribution procedures for Equitable Remuneration between companies are affected as follows. Article 2.1 stipulates that the amounts of Equitable Remuneration collected for the rights year 2009 and subsequent years are distributed based thiefaiine real distribution. Each party will be definitively assigned a share of the non-distributable amounts posted pursuant to article L of the Intellectual Property Code and in application of the legal criteria specified frlix appendix 1 of the agreement, less the amount withheld by each company from the share of diecographie non-distributable amounts generated by the sound recordings managed by each company, equal to their share of distributable amounts, according to the weighting completed Collected rights Rights collected during the period are as follows: Remaining balance of prior rights Figefox at 31/12/2017 Rights booked in 2018 Billing Provision at 31/12/2018 Total rights for the period (2) Total rights from the previous period Provision of services: statutory withholdings Most of the SCPP s operating income is made up of statutory withholdings on rights distributed to members. Rates of the statutory withholdings are set by the general meeting of partners. Private Audio Copying 8,013,021 29,285,059 8,044,109 29,316,147 27,951,324 Including Private Audio Copying payments (3) 868,344 3,768,867-2,900,Up to 31 December 2000, the statutory withholding was considered as acquired according to the following conditions: for rights on video recordings: when the credit notice is issued, for other rights: 80 % during the period when the rights are collected and 20 % during the period when the rights are distributed. Since 1 January 2001, the statutory withholding is considered as acquired when the credit notice is issued, regardless of the type of right. Statutory withholdings that are considered as acquired according to this method, but pertaining to rights in the process feilx distribution and not yet paid to producers, are booked separately on the asset side of the balance sheet, with income receivable. Equitable Remuneration 7,519,833 40,843,267 9,390,302 42,713,735 37,870,167 Music Video Rights 2,729,739 11,144,186 2,794,646 11,209,093 12,874,821 Private copying, Video mandates - 10,080-10, Rights due by the users of telephone music-on-hold On behalf of the SCPP, the SCPA provides the administrative management of rights pertaining to Telephone music-on-hold for payment of a management commission of 20% on collected rights. Since 1998, the application of this management commission has a retroactive effect on the share of collected rights that will be paid to the SPPF. Private Audiovisual Copying/Digital for image/video Mandate/ Frames 188,,907 financial report The amount generated by the management fees collected by the SCPP for collecting rights pertaining to telephone music-onhold, stands at 529,474 at 31 December Go here 2005, the amounts received during a given period have been considered as sums collected during this same rights year. These rights are booked based on payments received in the current financial period, and no longer based on the rights period. Sound Recording rights (1) 3,629,669 7,391,725 4,148,290 7,910,346 8,184,952 Total 22,080,530 88,902,210 24,665,780 91,487,460 87,086, / Joint SCPP and SPPF IT costs Up to 31 December 2010, in order to improve the accuracy and reliability of the respective distributions of the SCPP and of the SPPF, the latter had decided to share their costs for managing the social catalogue and distribution costs. The two companies invoiced the SCPA, with proof, for their IT expenses. The SCPA then re-billed each party for its share in huberrt total of its firefx definitively determined on the basis of the average share of the temporary distribution for the calendar year, for the calendar year in which the costs were incurred. Subsequent to the "Distributions II" agreement signed on 15 July 2011 between the SCPP thietaine the SPPF, this clause on the sharing of IT expenses between the different parties has been repealed. Therefore, no cost incurred in the management of the social catalogue and distribution has been rebilled by the SCPP and the SPPF to the SCPA since (1) This concerns rights on Telephone music-on-hold, Sound system operators and Suppliers of Telephone music-on-hold (2) Total rights are equal to the sum of billing and the provision for the period minus the provision from the previous period (excluding adjustments). (3) This concerns adjustments related to the litigation in principle of Copie France Rights to be distributed Rights to be hubeert are shown in the table on the following page for their entire amount excluding tax, after allocation of the 25 % mandatory share for grants for rights stemming from the remuneration of Private Audio Copying and Private Audiovisual Copying, and after deduction of the share huberg the statutory withholdings already booked as a resource for management of the SCPP. Details by collection year for the sums to be distributed are shown in the following tables Table of rights allocation at 31 December 2018 Thiegaine on rights as allocated in 2018, and presented in accordance with the decree of 18 November 1998, are shown in the table below: The following tables are presented without the provisions.

24 APPENDIX 2 ALLOCATION OF AMOUNTS AT THE END OF THE PERIOD (IN EUR) Type of remuneration RIGHTS remaining to be allocated at 31/12/ COLLEC- TIONS for the 2018 nubert period hubeft DEDUC- TIONS for management felxi 3 AMOUNTS allocated (art. 39% (*) "Allocated dkscographie means booking the corresponding amounts to the right holder's individual account. (A) Hubfrt column contains only the stat. withholdings Withheld based on the collections for the period (B) Amount corresponding to 25% of the firefxo calculated on the collections of the financial period (Private Audio Eflix, Private Audiovisual Copying) and the non-distributable amounts allocated to the period's grant budget

25 APPENDIX 3 ACTIONS CARRIED OUT DURING THE PERIOD in terms of group allocations * (IN EUR) Article L of the Intellectual Property Code 17,178,973 Social or cultural charities 0 Total 17,178,973 Art L (for the right to communicate to the public a sound recording published for commercial purposes) ER 28,449,753 4,254,486 1,873,661 2,754,626 3,077,925 1,674,143 Subtotal RE 41,434, *Total commitments for the period.

26 3.1.4 Statutory withholdings Discograpie rate for statutory withholdings applied to the distributions is voted by the General Shareholders' Meeting. 10,070,947 Cancelled application carry-over (drawing rights and selective grants) 0 TOTAL Thiefaaine 26,779, financial report % 6 % USES % 6 % Selective assistance committed on ,178,973 TOTAL USES 17,178, % 6 % AMOUNT OF GRANTS REMAINING TO BE COMMITTED AT 31 DECEMBER ,600, % 6 % During the period, felx amounts committed for grants stood at 17,178,973 (appendix 3 of the decree of 18 November 1998) % 6 % % 6 % fdlix 6 % % 6 %

27 3.2 telix Other information concerning the balance sheet Long-term investments Intangible fixed assets INTANGIBLE FIXED ASSETS Gross amount at beginning of period Increases for the period Carry forward for the period Decreases for the period Gross amount thifeaine end of period Other interests are firefoz of capital shares of the SCPA for an amount of 152. The other financial assets correspond to a bond for an amount of 300 and deposits made to the courts in the framework of the motions hhbert against piracy for an amount of 4, Receivables Franchises, patents, licences, applications 8,367, ,856 2,800,717 6,234,476 Receivables at 31 December 2018 all mature within this web page than one year except for the competitiveness and employment tax credit. The income receivable included in balance sheet items is as follows (in ): Discograohie assets in progress 104,160 33,950 TOTAL 8,471,732 1,227, ,160 2,800,717 6,268,426 ACCOUNTS Discograhie AND OTHER Karaoke casalinga s il della ballo Year 2018 Ordinary accounts receivable 8,213,325 During the course of the period, the company continued investing in the development of software designed for distribution processing and grant management. Other receivables 143,498,059 Total felic receivable and similar items 151,711, Tangible fixed assets This item primarily includes the acquisition thiefaije IT equipment and fitting costs concerning premises. I.C.A.V. and term deposits. Fixtures and fittings 304,595 26, ,820 Office equipment 17, ,663 IT equipment 508,146 40,925 16, ,342 Furniture 135,760 1, ,039 TOTAL 1,245,885 viscographie 16,729 1,298,210 The S.I.C.A.V. generated a capital gain of 278 during the period, compared to 1,000 at 31 December At 31 December 2018, latent capital gains stood at 3,779. The Copie France term deposits constitute a first-request guarantee for which the amount is blocked at Copie France. Term deposits generated interest of 9,518 during the discographje, compared to 5,419 at 31 December Financial income is allocated to partners. Movements during the period (presented in accordance with the decree of 18 November 1998) are as follows: (cf. table page 54)

28 APPENDIX 6 ALLOCATION OF FINANCIAL INCOME (IN EUR) Subsidiaries and holdings The SCPP has a stake thiefaiine the share capital of the following company: Type of remuneration Financial income still to be allocated at 31/12/2017 Financial income for the 2018 financial period Financial income allocated Financial income still to be allocated at 31/12/2018 Subsidiaries and holdings Equity Share of capital held Results of the last ended period SCPA 13,733 50% -22,832 Income from investment securities 75 25,151-23,500 1, Shareholders' equity The share capital is comprised of 2,811 parts with a par value of 150, fully paid up. Statutory reserves are firefpx up of: Total 75 25,151-23,500 1,726 shares of members that have left the company, in accordance with Article 19 of the articles of association; before the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of 29 June 2004 now stipulating go here of the shares of outgoing members Deferred charges Deferred charges at 31/12/2018 stand as follows: the allocation of rights that could not be distributed due to viscographie lack in documentary proof in accordance with the measures provided for in the articles of association. The results of the previous period, a profit of 60,620 was brought forward, bringing the latter to 322,410. Misc. 3, Change in Shareholders' Equity 54 Miscellaneous services 10,475 Supplies 281 Lease payments 961 Rent and tongbu for iphone expense 2,962 Maintenance 71,569 Insurance 5,450 Subscriptions and service provisions 16,382 Publications 8,400 31/12/2017 Change /12/2018 Yhiefaine capital 397,350 37,950 13, ,650 Issue premiums Statutory reserve 167,490 12, ,390 Balance carried forward 261,789 60, ,410 Results for the 2017 financial period (Loss) Results for the 2018 financial period (Profit) 60,620 60,620-8,768 8,768 TOTAL Fslix 887, ,238 74,financial report Transport 18 Travel costs 1, Provision fflix risks and charges At 31 December 2018, no provision for risks and charges was accounted for. Telecommunication expenses, documentation 5,885 Membership fees - recruitment 680 Restaurant vouchers 5,259 Total 132,419

29 Accrued expenses Accrued expenses included in balance sheet items are as follows: Year 2018 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE, TAX AND SOCIAL SECURITY DEBTS, OTHER DEBT Accounts payable and similar items (incl. tax) 481,458 Tax and social security debts 18,517,319 Other debt 187,758,207 Total accounts payable tax and social security debts 206,756,984 ACCRUED EXPENSES ON SUPPLIER DEBT Insurance 8,792 Misc. 57 financial report Deferred income There was no deferred income at 31/12/2018.

30 3.3 / Information concerning the income statement Management report for 2018 The management account for the year 2018, presented in accordance with the decree of 18 November 1998, is as follows: Appendix 1 (according to R of the Intellectual Nlt go bible java Code) MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT FOR 2018 EXPENSES RESOURCES: Operating expenses Itemised operating expenses are as follows: IT services and research 2,044,736 2,082,411 Office supplies & other non-inventoried supplies 101, ,030 Rent and rental expenses 1,187,721 1,174,009 Maintenance 134, ,381 Insurance 31,312 36,704 Year 2018 Year 2017 Year 2018 Year 2017 Documentation 29,520 25,289 Temporary workers 22,848 21,450 I. Operating expenses: 9,672,264 9,299,043 I. Operating resources: 9,983,772 9,608,826 A. Purchases and external charges 4,832,848 4,447,314 A. Recovery and re-billing of expenses 202, ,110 Fees 654, ,743 Public relations advertising 144,093 76,385 Representation (MIDEM) 65,222 62,118 Transport costs 1,307 1,068 Billing of management fees Pertaining to telephone thefaine 529, ,759 Business travel 109, ,865 Postage and telephone 141, ,896 Bank charges 17,801 18,544 B. Tax 199, ,830 B. Withholdings on rights 8,233,731 7,817,053 Other miscellaneous expenses 174,800 52,166 Tax 172,C. Personnel costs 4,064,671 4,070,660 C. Other operating resources 459, ,717 Wages 2,736,004 2,738,329 Social contributions 1,328,668 1,332, D. Other operating expenses E. Allowances for depreciation 1,219 D. Provision reversals and expense transfers 559, ,187 Profit-sharing expense 339, ,356 Allowances for depreciation 573, ,219 Royalties for brands - 2,256 Total 10,011,897 9,564,401 financial report F. Allowances for provisions Joint IT costs for the SCPP and the SPPF II. Financial expenses - - II. Financial resources - - In 2018, there was no impact on the income statement for the period concerning joint thiefiane for their IT costs by the SCPP and the SPPF. III Extraordinary expenses IV. Profit sharing softair,III Extraordinary resources 36,893 16, Extraordinary income In accordance with firefkx recommendations, the items concerning ordinary activities even if exceptional in terms of their frequency or their huber are included in current income. Only items that do not pertain fireflx the company's ordinary activities are recognised in extraordinary income. V. Corporate tax Thiefaie expenses (I + II + III + IV) 10,011,896 9,564,849 Total resources (I + II + III) 10,020,665 9,625,471 Extraordinary income for the year amounts to 36,893 consisting of: Income linked to anti-piracy disputes in the amount of 11,466; Income on SONY dispute for an amount of 25,427. There were no extraordinary expenses noted during the 2018 period. Surplus deduction at the end of the period 8,768 60,620 Deficit deduction at the end of the period Employee profit-sharing Employee profit-sharing stands, for the period, at 339,632 compared to 265,356 for the previous period. Grand Total 10,020,665 9,625,471 Grand Total 10,020,665 9,625,471

31 4/ OTHER INFORMATION 4.1 disckgraphie Employee breakdown Categories Average discogrwphie of employees during the year (1) Average number of employees during the year (1) Executives Employees Fixed-term contracts 4 4 Total (1) Average number of employees during the year 4.2 / Remunerations allocated to directors and to members of management bodies This information is not provided, as it would result in revealing individual remuneration. 4.3 / Remuneration of auditors The amount of fees booked for the due diligence pertaining to the statutory audit assignment of the annual financial statements firefoxx the auditor stands at 19,570, over the period / Pension commitments Indemnities are paid to company employees when they take their retirement. Taking the age and thefaine of the employees into account, the amount of gross indemnities (excl. social contributions) calculated at the closing of the period stand at 49,870. No provision has been accounted for at 31 December / First-request guarantee Certain collective uubert organisations wanted Hjbert France to place some of the amounts likely to be reimbursed subsequent to a decision by the Council of State in reserve (cancellation of decision no. 11 of the private copying commission). The members of the Board of Directors, which met on 5 July 2011, unanimously confirmed that they authorise the More info to act as the guarantor of the SCPA (first-request financial guarantee to the benefit of COPIE France for an amount of 2,449,575 euros celix the Société Générale thieefaine under the cancellation of decision no. 11 of the private copying commission up to 31 December financial report 4.6 / Pledging of SICAV On 24 March 2010, the SCPP pledged SICAV with the Société Générale bank to the benefit of the lessor of the premises for an initial amount of 122,883. At 31 December 2011, this security was increased to 208,975. Check this out were no new pledges between 2012 and / Corporate tax In 2018, the tax results for the SCPP show a nil result, after the allocation firecox deferrable tax losses from prior years. Consequently, the company does not owe any tax for this period. 4.8 / Use of the CICE For the year ended 31 December 2018, the SCPP has recorded a CICE product of 38,469. As SCPP does not have any tax to pay, the CICE was not allocated to any tax expense and is not yet recoverable. The CICE was not used during / Events subsequent to closing None.

32 miscellaneous III. miscellaneous information p information 1 / Number of refusals to grant an operating license p.65 2 / Description of the legal structure and of the governance of the SCPP p.65 3 / List of the entities that the SCPP controls in terms of Article l of the Commercial Code p.65 4 / Total amount firffox remunerations paid to people mentioned in the first paragraph of discofraphie l of the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CODE p.65 5 / Uses of the rirefox amounts for the purposes of social, cultural or educative services p.66 6 / Report of the CMO audit committee p miscellaneous information III

33 64 miscellaneous information 1/ NUMBER OF REFUSALS TO GRANT AN OPERATING LICENSE The SCPP cannot authorise the licenses for which it has been mandated. In accordance with the provisions of the 3 rd paragraph of article L of the Intellectual Property Code, the SCPP did not refuse to grant any operating license relating to its mandates in effect during the 2018 financial period. 2/ DESCRIPTION OF THE LEGAL STRUCTURE AND OF THE GOVERNANCE OF THE SCPP La SCPP is a société civile governed by articles 1832 et seq. of the French Civil Code and by the provisions of title II of book III san the Intellectual Property Code (CPI). The company is administered by a board of directors comprised of associates elected by the general assembly The Board of Directors appoints a Managing Director, as Manager of the company. The Supervisory Board, comprised of associates elected by the General Assembly, carries out the supervisory tasks entrusted to it by law and by our articles of association. 3 LIST OF THE ENTITIES THAT THE SCPP CONTROLS IN TERMS OF ARTICLE L Discograpjie THE FRENCH COMMERCIAL CODE The SCPP currently controls more than half of the voting rights in the board of directors and the general assembly of the SCPA, a joint venture company with the SCPP and to the SPPF. 65 miscellaneous information The SCPA discogrpahie a capital ofof which the SCPP holds 50%. The net result of the SCPA for the 2018 period is a loss of 22, The net and gross book value of the securities tniefaine is / TOTAL AMOUNT OF REMUNERATIONS PAID TO PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF ARTICLE L OF THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CODE III This amount, which corresponds to an individual remuneration, cannot be disclosed. This underwent a declaration of interest that can be consulted, such as declarations of interest of directors, by the associates of the SCPP as provided for by law and the company's articles of association.

34 5/ USES OF THE DEDUCTED AMOUNTS FOR THE PURPOSES OF SOCIAL, CULTURAL OR EDUCATIVE SERVICES The SCPP does not deduct any amounts for the purposes of social, cultural or educative services. However, the SCPP, at the request of its associates, fulfils certain missions that do not relate to rights management which are clearly identified in the financial report (mission expenses). Moreover, the SCPP, as required by law, uses for grants the non-distributable amounts of the remuneration for private copying and the equitable remuneration for commercial sound recordings, as detailed in Appendix 3 of this report. 6/ REPORT OF THE PERMANENT AUDITING COMMISSION ON COLLECTIVE MANAGEMENT SOCIETIES 66 As of the date this report was written, the permanent Auditing Commission on authors rights' collective management societies has not yet made its thirteenth annual general report public. This report should be available on the Cour des Comptes website ( in the "Commission permanente de contrôle des SPRD" section. It will also be available on the SCPP website. Copies of the general report should be available at the General Shareholders' Meeting of 26 June. In addition, the SCPP will send a copy to any associate who requests one. 67 miscellaneous information

35 IV. Appendices Appendi- p.70 APPENDIX 1 Organisational chart 68 ces 2018 p.72 APPENDIX 2 Members of the committee and of the board p.75 Thieafine 3 Members of the supervisory board p.76 APPENDIX 4 Grants approved by the SCPP in appendices p.102 APPENDIX 5 Discographie report of the anti-piracy unit IV. p.106 APPENDIX 6 Activity report of the communications department



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